• UO DIY: Shareable Seed Paper Packets

    Spread the love this Earth Day by creating DIY wildflower seed packets to share with your friends and family (and maybe some strangers, too).
    Photos by CJ Harvey

    -seed paper
    -paper envelopes
    -mini clothespins

    1. Start out by cutting your seed paper into small shapes that will fit into your mini envelopes. We went with designs, but small squares work well for planting as well.

    2. Along with our seed paper, we also mixed in pre-cut seed paper in the shape of flowers, just because they were so dang cute.

    3. Once you have a bunch of seed paper cut outs, start stuffing your envelopes. Put in as many cut outs that will fit while still allowing the envelope to fully close.

    4. Once the envelopes are stuffed, decorate the outside! Since all of our seed papers were wildflowers, we decided to decorate with a flower stamp so everyone would know exactly what they're getting.

    5. Stamp away!

    6. After the envelopes are decorated with stamps, write out what kind of flowers are inside, along with any tips + tricks for planting. 

    7. Finish off by tying twine around your seed envelope.

    8. Hang up your final product at work or at your house and encourage your coworkers and friends to grab a pack when they're around. Spread the flowers around the neighborhood! And make sure to check out the recap from the Seed Packet DIY we did here at home office for more inspiration!

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