• UO DIY: Remixed Valentine's Flowers

    No more cheesy V-Day arrangements, please: with the help of Karyn from Portland’s Osa Floral, we’re seeing pink and red in a new way. Get her tips on how to create beautiful Valentine’s arrangements (that are anything but expected).
    Photos by Chelsea Spear

    First step in putting together a floral arrangement is...the flowers. Start with your palette: here, we're going with pinks and reds with green accents, so we chose a variety of garden roses, lilies, tulips, ranunculus, protea and Italian rusckus. Karyn explains that she likes to have at least 5-7 minimum different types of florals to add variety and complexity to an arrangement. 

    Step two: prepping your flowers. Karyn advises taking all the leaves off each stem, which helps arrangements look fuller. 

    Next, pick out a vase, add water, mix in some flower foods, and start playing!

    To build out your arrangement, start by constructing a base with the greenery and then adding in floral. 

    Karyn advises starting from the middle and working your way out. "Most importantly," she says, "I let inspiration dictate my process. Get a feel for how the flowers are interacting and make sure the variety is evening distributed throughout."

    "I like to create shapes with the arrangement and make them different in some way from one another; have fun with it and experiment with shapes and asymmetry."

    "It's always hard to say when an arrangement is finished, but usually I can feel when it's done...or there's no more room in the vase, which is a great indicator that you should be wrapping it up!"

    Have fun with it — flowers are fun, special, and experimental. Make it your own!

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