• UO DIY: Reclaimed Book Bench

    Running out of space for your books but no room for another bookshelf? Yeah, us too. For a DIY solution, we teamed up with the creative geniuses behind The Classroom Collective to create a handmade solution that doubles as a bench. 
    Photos by The Classroom Collective

    We sized our book bench according to the width and height of a queen size bed, but this bench can be modified to fit any desired size. Because of the nature of reclaimed wood, your sizes in width may vary slightly.

    Finished Dimensions: 58” long x 15” tall

    -8 large L Brackets
    -32 screws
    -Power Drill
    -Reclaimed Wood —two cuts at 3" thick, 10-13" wide for a good chunky look, and 58" long
    -2 cuts of 10" legs (cut from the same wood we used for the base and top)

    Step 1: Place your base.

    Step 2: Place the first leg on the base making sure it is flush with the edge. (because of our reclaimed wood, ours is flush on the front with a bit of an overhang on the back).

    Step 3: Place your L bracket on the base and line it up to where you want to fasten it to the leg.

    Step 4: Remove the leg and screw in L bracket to the base.

    Step 5: Place leg back on the base and screw L bracket into leg.

    Step 6: Screw in the second L bracket to your base and leg, at the rear of base.

    Step 7: Place your second leg on the base and position it flush.

    Step 8: Repeat steps 3-6.

    Step 9: Place the seat of your bench on top of the base, making it flush on the two legs.

    Step 10: Screw the legs into the top by fastening your L brackets directly above the bottom set of L brackets.

    Step 11: Repeat for the other side.

    Step 12: Fill with books and admire your handiwork!

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