• UO DIY: Packing Like a Pro

    There's no better time for travel than the dog days of summer. As the calendar creeps toward Friday, even a quick weekend jaunt is enough to shake up the routine. The promise of adventure is always right around the corner. With hasty escapes on the brain, we teamed up with Herschel Supply Co to run through the fine art of packing like a pro. So when it comes time for you to bolt out the door and into the world, don't say we didn't prepare you. 

    At the Beach: Surf or Resort 

    Whether you're on the hunt for unfamiliar breaks at a hidden surf spot or on your way to a significantly more manicured oceanside resort experience, a trip to the beach is best paired with a bit of forethought. When the sun goes down, you don't want to be the only guy still hanging out in sandy trunks. Stay light, stay adaptable, and most of all, stay comfortable. 

    The City Travel: The Urban Athlete or the Downtown Explorer 

    You might be headed off to explore the ins and outs of the concrete jungle, or maybe to link up with a local running club to tour a new metropolis in a friendly foot race. Either way, packing for a trip to a brand new city isn't hard. Comfortable shoes are, of course, essential. As are maps to study in-transit so you can navigate like a local when you reach your destination. 

    Here's a tip: when traveling with an unstructured bag, like a duffel or backpack, rolling your clothes, rather than folding, can exponentially increase your weekenders volume. It might not look as pretty for your overhead Instagram packing shot, but hey, it works. 

    On the Trail: The Day Pack or The Weekend Campout

    Sometimes a quick day excursion is all you need to settle your soul. And sometimes you're in dire need of unplugging and forgetting that society exists altogether. Either way, pack light, be nimble, and leave the trail better than you found it. Remember, weather can change on a dime, so make sure you're prepared for whatever might come. 

    A camera is a must for some epic adventure shots, and a lightweight mess kit for meals. To save space, make sure you consolidate your items as best you can. All like items should go together for quick access, and any hollow items (pots or pans) can be used to store other things. 

    Around the World: The Global Traveler 

    Sometimes it's necessary to pack for a more extended trip. Say for instance, you entered a contest and Urban Outfitters and Herschel Supply Co. sent you to a mystery destination for the vacation of your dreams. If you're bringing a more structured suitcase, it might be better to fold your clothes, rather than rolling. For more wrinkle-prone fabrics, like summer linen, a proper fold can keep your clothes like fresh and crisp from one country to the next. 

    For pants, always fold along the creases, then fold in half so the hem is touching the waist. For shirts, make sure they're buttoned up all the way. Set them face down, fold the arms back, straight down, then fold the hem to the back of the collar and smooth with your hand. You can use a magazine for guidance. 

    Don't forget your sunblock! 

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