• UO DIY: NYE Party Boots

    We've been seeing glitter boots floating around the internet and in our real lives for some time now and figured it was high time we set out to make our own. What better time to bust out a glitter boot DIY than for NYE? We found that the process was surprisingly easy, just a little bit messy (glitter gets everywhere!) and time-consuming. We promise this is a project that even the most novice of DIY students will be able to complete, though. Read on for our simple tutorial!

    -boots (we used these and these)
    -glitter, fine and coarse
    -spray glue
    -Mod Podge
    -painter's tape

    1. To start, make sure you're in an area that you're okay with getting a little bit messy. We made sure to do this one outside, because even with paper laid down and a box to catch any extra glitter, glitter still got all over everything! And because glitter will get on everything, you're going to want to make sure that you tape off any area of the boot that you don't want to get glitter on (heel, zipper, sole, etc.). If you just feel like glittering one part of your boot instead of the whole thing, make sure the tape is exactly how you want it and lays completely flat to the boot before glittering. We taped off our heels on this particular pair, but glittering the heel would work just as well.

    2. We wanted to get a solid base of glitter on the boot right off the bat, so to start out, we sprayed the entire thing with spray glue and then coated in a thin layer of glitter, making sure to work slowly to ensure that things didn't get too globby. Spray glue actually works great in this situation and you shouldn't have any problem getting the glitter to stick. We mixed our coarse and fine glitter together to get a base with different textures, but you can experiment with your supplies to see what you like the best.

    3. See? Glitter gets everywhere! If you're worried about getting glitter stuck to your hands, you can use latex gloves to protect your skin.

    4. Once you feel like your boots have a solid first layer of glitter, you need to start layering on the Mod Podge/glitter mix. While your boots may look incredible with just a fine layer of spray glue and glitter, you need the Mod Podge to help seal everything in. Without the Mod Podge, the glitter will rain off your boots wherever you walk. While it might feel counter-intuitive to coat your boots in an opaque glue, don't worry! They'll dry clear and be back to glittering before you know it.

    5. To coat the boots, make a mix of Mod Podge and glitter and start painting it onto the boot in a very light coat. Seriously, make sure you're not too heavy-handed with this or it won't dry right. This is the most time-consuming part of the whole process: you're going to want to coat the boot in the Mod Podge/glitter paste, wait 24 hours for it to fully dry, and then coat again with a second Mod Podge/glitter layer. You can do this as many times as you like to get the desired effect you want (the more layers, the more opaque the glitter will be), but just make sure to wait a full day in between layers so it all dries.

    6. Once you've layered your Mod Podge several times and let it dry, that's it! Your boots are done. You can also seal the boots with a clear sealant spray, but we've found that the Mod Podge creates a strong enough shell to make sure the boots will hold up, even after multiple nights out.

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