• UO DIY: Music Memories Instax Scrapbook

    Keep track of all your music memories with a DIY Fujifilm Instax scrapbook: see how we took photos from some of our favorite music events to create a totally unique memory book.
    Photos by CJ Harvey


    -1 scrapbook
    -tons of Instax photos!
    -concert memorabilia (tickets, passes, wristbands, etc.)
    -scrapbook pages in different colors
    -stamp pads
    -washi tape
    -glue dots
    -anything else you'd like to get artsy with

    1. Lay out all your materials. If you're working with a ton of Instax photos, spread them all out and figure out which ones will be the heroes of your scrapbook. Try to figure out if you want to fill the scrapbook all in one go or if you want to keep some pages empty for future photos.

    2. Once you have your photos squared away, start laying them out on your scrapbook pages and deciding what looks best. We pulled a few colorful scrapbook pages that we thought looked nice together (gotta coordinate) and then planned each page around that.

    3. When we started to add in our photos, we used either washi tape or glue dots to adhere them. The glue dots are a little stickier than the washi tape but are still easy to take off without ruining the photo. (The washi tape is good when you want extra cuteness.)

    4. For things like concert tickets and other memorabilia, we stuck with using glue dots, but if you ever want to take anything out of your scrapbook or move it around, just do so carefully.

    5. The best part of the whole process? Buying packs and packs of stickers and decorating like crazy. Seriously, go nuts. The more stickers, the more fun your pages will be. 

    6. When you've finished your pages, pop them back into your scrapbook. You can leave some pages blank for future music memories.

    7. If you need help filling up more pages, grab some friends who you've gone to shows with and have them help you decorate a page or two and write out their favorite memories from your trips together. Don't forget to buy more film and go to more concerts!