• UO DIY: Modern Woven Dreamcatcher

    During a cold winter afternoon, we decided to try our hand at making a modern, minimal dreamcatcher. With few supplies needed, we thought it'd be the perfect way to while away the day. The result? An easy, photogenic dreamcatcher that's sure to keep the nightmares at bay. Read on for our tutorial!


    -embroidery hoop
    -metal craft hoop
    -leather wrap
    -embroidery floss
    -yarn (in various colors)

    1. To start, separate the inner part of the embroidery hoop from the outer part. You're going to be working with the inside part only so feel free to set aside the outer part. Take your leather wrap and glue one end of it to the top of your hoop. Once the glue has dried, begin to wrap the leather around the outside of the hoop, stopping to put some glue underneath every few inches. Try not to overlap the leather so that it lays flat. Do the same to one of the small metal hoops.

    2. Once each of your hoops are wrapped, use the embroidery thread to create the woven middle. Tie one end of the thread to your big hoop and then loop through the smaller hoop. Continue weaving around the larger hoop in a figure 8 until you have the effect you'd like. We went around completely a few times on ours to make sure it looked nice and full.

    3. Once the inner woven part is completed, it's time to attach the yarn fringe. Cut the yarn to your desired length and begin to loop through on the bottom. We used three different colors (doubled up occasionally), and cut ours at about 24", but feel free to do whatever you think looks best here!

    4. Once the desired amount of fringe is secured, it's time to attach the beads. Take the beads and loop them up through the yarn, spacing them out sporadically. We made sure to use a thicker yarn so the beads would have no problem staying up on their own, but if your yarn is thinner, simply apply a small drop of glue so the beads will stay.

    5. Finish by adding some feathers to the bottom (we stuck ours into a few beads) and there you have it! A finished, woven dreamcatcher all ready to hang above your bed.

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