• UO DIY: Make Your Own Sparkling Wall Hanging

    Using minimal supplies, we make a glowing, sparkly wall hanging that will help reflect light all winter long and keep your space feeling bright and cheerful, even in the depths of winter.
    Photos by Melissa Anne Tilley

    -curtain rod, any color
    -various string lights
    -mirror garland
    -mosaic tiles
    -silver cord (for gluing on bigger mosaic tile pieces)
    -mosaic tile glue or a hot glue gun

    1. This DIY is super easy, so there isn't too much to prep for this one. Since most mirror garland you can buy comes in one size, we made some extra garland strands with bigger mirror squares to help give our hanging some different texture. To do this, just hot glue your bigger mosaic tile pieces to a length of silver cord that matches your pre-made mirror garland.

    2. Once you've created your bonus garland, get your lights ready for hanging. This just means untangling them and getting them as spread out as possible.

    3. Hang your curtain rod where you'd like your wall hanging to be set up, and then begin to drape your string lights. We did the string lights first because hanging them after the mirror garland would have been a little trickier.

    4. Add on your mirror garland, draping it the way you'd like it to hang. You can always adjust it again later, but this is when you need to figure out if you need more or less to add on. Make sure the entire rod is covered and goes in between your string lights.

    5. If you want to add bigger mirrored mosaic pieces onto your wall hanging after all your smaller mirror garland has been strung up, you can lay the whole hanging on the ground and hot glue some bigger mirrored pieces over the smaller ones. This will help break up the smaller mirror garland.

    6. Once everything has dried, pick up your hanging and place it back on its wall hooks. You can smooth out all the mirror strands and make sure everything is hanging properly. Hang in front of a window so it catches the light and you can admire your handiwork all winter long.

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