• UO DIY: Love Letters + Cards

    This Valentine's Day, we're all about sending little love letters to everyone we know, whether they're our significant other, BFF, cat, or simply the mailman: we'll take any excuse to make a cute card to brighten someone's day! We recently grabbed a bunch of DIY supplies and tested out a few simple card ideas, and now we're passing them on to you, so you can spread love and joy everywhere you go. These ideas are super easy to DIY, won't break the bank, and will allow you to create a whole smorgasbord of sweet, gushy cards. (Your cat will thank you later.)

    -various blank cards
    -pencil (for DIY rubber stamp)
    -Exacto knife
    -stamp pad
    -various stickers
    -glue stick
    -matchbook (either real or DIY for front of card)

    DIY Pencil Stamp

    The first idea we tested out was this quick DIY stamp design. All you need to make your own is a pencil (with an eraser, obviously), an Exacto knife and a stamp pad. Draw a heart shape onto the pencil eraser and then cut it out using the Exacto knife. Make sure to use the Exacto knife, very, very carefully! It's a quick cut, but getting around the curves can be a little tricky so go slow. Once you have your heart cut out, gently dab it into whatever ink pad you're using.

    Once our stamp was all inked up, we dotted ours all over our chosen card for a patterned effect, but feel free to stamp yours in any way you'd like. We also put a single dot on the envelope, just to tie everything together. When finished, write yourself a cute note on the back and send out to your loved ones! (Or, you know... the mailman. We won't judge.)

    Matchbook Greeting Card

    The second card we tried out was a cute, matchbook-inspired idea we saw online. Since we didn't want to glue an actual matchbook to the front of our card (none of them were cute enough), we made our own by cutting out a small piece of paper, folding it over three times like a matchbook, and then stapling the bottom. See below for finished example! Once that was completed, we used a glue stick to attach it to the front of our card.

    Once the fake matchbook has dried, you can add in your own pair of matches! Since we made our own matchbook, we grabbed a couple of wooden ones we had handy; we liked how they were a little cuter than the usual cardboard matches. One you have your matches handy, simply glue them to the front of the fake matchbook you made and write in an adorable match-pun to make whoever you're sending this card to fall in love with you.

    Voila! Our finished card. Once you get going, though, you may find you have your own Valentine's Day card ideas, so get out there, share your ideas with us, and make a card for everyone you know!

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