• UO DIY: Knit Tutorial

    Learning to knit is as easy as 1-2-3, especially when you have the right teacher. We reached out to our favorite knitter Jenny Rose to have her teach us a simple tutorial for a warm winter scarf. While we felt intimidated at first, this tutorial proved to be straightforward and easy to follow, especially when using the We Are Knitters helpful video tutorials. For a project that you'll be able to get done in under two seasons of Friends, read on!

    All you need:

    • 2 balls of We Are Knitters wool
    • Scissors
    • Size 35 needles

    First things first—cut (26) 14” strands. These will be your tassels! Don’t worry about doing it perfectly; they'll be trimmed up later. Set the strands aside for the end. Now to knit the scarf!

    1. Cast on 13 stitches (click the link for a handy video from We Are Knitters). Jenny used the “long-tail cast on”, but any method will work!

    2. Knit each stitch across each row (garter stitch) until the first ball of yarn is finished. Join the second ball of yarn. There are many techniques for joining yarn, but it's easiest to just go old school and double knot it - there’s no need to be fancy.

    3. Continue knitting with the second ball of yarn until there’s only about an arms’ length of yarn left.

    4. Bind off.

    All that’s left now is to attach the tassels. For each stitch on either end of the scarf, you’ll adhere one tassel. (13 stitches, 13 tassels on each end of the scarf.)

    1. Take one of the 26 strands you cut earlier, and fold it in half.
    2. Push the folded side of each yarn strand through a stitch, forming a loop.
    3. Draw the loose end of the strands through the loop. Tug on them a little. Cut across the tassels to make an even bottom. Voila! Stay warm!

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