• UO DIY: Halloween Party Backdrop

    Get into the spirit of Halloween with this otherworldly neon photo backdrop. It's juuust the right amount of spooky.
    Photos by Melissa Anne Tilley

    Above: LED Cat Light


    -empty wall space
    -string lights
    -neon lights
    -light-up balloons
    -assorted Halloween decor
    -electrical tape
    -nails or thumbtacks

    Above: LED Curved Sign

    1. To start, figure out what wall in your house you're going to be working on. To make a wall that's heavy on string lights and neons,  it's better to make sure it'll be in a darker corner of your house. And make sure people will have enough room to back up and snap photos!

    Above: LED Curved Sign and Skeleton Garland

    2. Look at your wall space and decide what you want to focus on. When we first started with our backdrop, we blew up a bunch of our colorful light-up balloons because we wanted to get all of them in the photo. After spending 2 minutes arranging everything, we quickly realized that focusing on one or two colors would make the backdrop much more cohesive and less confusing visually. So our tip? If you're having a hard time figuring out where to start, pick a color and work around it.

    Above: LED Curved Sign

    3. Once we decided we wanted to stick to whites, pinks, and blues, we began hanging everything up. We grabbed a couple of our favorite neon wall signs, but if you're working on a budget, neon string lights can work just as well. The bigger signs stay on the wall better with actual nails, but if you're going the string light route, then they can be held up easily with thumbtacks.

    Above: Black Tinted String Lights

    4. Once our neon signs were hung up, we began to hang up the rest of our decor, mostly string lights. We went with the Black Tinted String Lights to stick with the spooky theme, and hung them randomly on the wall using thumbtacks to keep them in place. There's no right or wrong way to do this! We simply adjusted ours until we felt that there was a good mix of string lights and empty wall (without it looking too barren).

    Above: Light-Up LED Balloons and Bat Battery Powered String Lights

    5. After our black string lights were hung up, we used some of the Bat Battery Powered String Lights to hold up our light-up balloons. Then, we again used thumbtacks to hold the lights in place on the wall.

    Above: Rotating Mini Prisma Light

    6. Finally, to really amp up the glow, we used the Rotating Mini Prisma Light to give us the ultimate party vibes. The lights photograph in a super cool way and will even be fun for your guests to experiment. Once everything is all set up, drag in a few stools and a couple costume options and let everyone have fun!

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