• UO DIY: Gallery Wall

    Discover, frame, arrange, hang: after spotting the awesome gallery wall inside the home of Austin blogger and interior designer Claire Zinnecker, we teamed up with her to get her step by step instructions on how to assemble our own. Read on and get to work!
    Photos by Molly Winters

    What you need:
    - Art. Pick and choose your favorite pieces in varied sizes (may we suggest The Print Shop at UO, which we love for how easy it is to get framed art online!)
    - Tape measure
    - Paper: Brown butcher paper is easy and inexpensive
    - Pencil
    - Scissors
    - Tape: duct or washi
    - Hammer
    - Nails: Make sure this nails are strong enough to hold some weight
    - Level

    Begin by laying out the your framed art selections on the floor. Lay them in front of the wall they will hang on so you can get the proper width and then use a tape measure to mark the height you have to work within. 

    How you choose the layout is very personal and dependent on what pieces you have. 

    Claire's Tips: 1. It’s okay to have varied distances between the prints. 2. Play with the frame and print sizes/colors to make sure there is some balance (mix dark and light frames/prints). 3. Avoid having any frame lines match up exactly, which exaggerates the puzzle feel.

    Once you have the layout to your liking, it’s time to create the templates of the art pieces. Lay each print on the paper, trace the perimeter of the frame, and cut out. 

    Measure the spacing between your art pieces that are on the floor and use this as a guide to place your templates on the wall. Measure, mark, and tape up the paper on the wall. This allows you to see how it will feel in the actual space and you can shift/adjust accordingly as you see fit.

    Next it’s time to put the art up! Measure from the top of each frame to the center of the hanging wire on back (make sure the wire is taut). This is how you know where to place the nail. Use the measurement to mark with pencil on the corresponding taped-up template. 

    Place and hammer in the nail directly into the paper. 

    Tear away the paper and tape and hang the print! The gallery wall is slowly coming together. 

    After all the art is up it’s now time for the final step. Level each piece, style, and voila! Your gallery wall is complete.

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