• UO DIY: Gallery Wall

    We all know and love a good gallery wall - they're an easy way to add some excitement to a room and a great way to display an art collection. For a slight twist on the usual, we made a gallery wall using a single poster that was broken up into smaller frames. This is the perfect project for someone who wants to start a gallery wall but doesn't have the time (or the patience) to collect different prints and paintings. The bonus? This can be done in less than five steps. Read on to find out how to make your own!

    -assorted frames
    -poster sized photo

    1. To start, clear a big enough space to lay your poster flat on the ground. A hard surface works best for this. Take the frames you'd like to use and arrange them on your picture to lay it out. This was probably the trickiest part — you want to make sure that you don't chop up your photo too small, because it'll be too hard to decipher when it's hung back up again. Try to keep a main focal point of the poster in a bigger frame, like we did with the largest cactus.

    2. Once the frames are laid out in a way you like, you can trace their outline (lightly) onto the poster with pencil.

    3. After everything has been traced on, carefully begin cutting out! We had a backup poster just in case something went horribly wrong, but if you only have one, just make sure your frames are exactly where you want them. There's no turning back from here!

    4. Take each of the photos you've cut out and put them in their corresponding frames. If you're working with a lot of frames, it's good to keep the photo laid out the way you want it while framing the photos - once everything is stacked, it can be hard remembering which frame went where.

    5. Finally, hang your frames — make sure everything lines up straight, and done! Stand back and admire your amazing new gallery wall.

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