• UO DIY: Fujifilm Instax Mural

    Have some extra wall space? We've got your covered with this epic DIY Instax mural.

    -Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer
    -Fujifilm Instax Mini Film
    -Double sided tape

    1. To start, think of a photo that you'd like to use for your mural. Make sure that it's decent quality to start, because you'll need to divide it into smaller sections to make your Instax mural, and anything too small won't be easily divided.

    2. Once you've landed on the photo you want to use, you'll need to grid it out in order to print each separate frame on your Instax printer. Each piece of the grid should be about the size of an Instax photo. This doesn't need to be entirely precise, so don't worry about getting crazy scientific. We opened our photo in Photoshop and then took screencaps of each slice of photo that we wanted to include in our mural. Note: Our mural is HUGE and took a lot of film, which can get expensive. If you'd like to keep your mural on the cheaper side, try to keep your grid around 6x6 - that works out to 36 photos, or two boxes of film.

    3. After your photo has been screenshot into smaller grids, send each photo to an email or Dropbox you can access on your smartphone. (So if you did a 6x6 grid, you'll need to make sure all 36 photos are emailed to you.)

    4. When you've received all your photos, open up the app that works with your Instax printer and begin printing each of them out. You can adjust sizing in the app, but if you've screenshot all your photos to be about the size of an Instax photo, then resizing most likely won't be necessary.

    5. After each photo is ready, print them out on your Instax! Keep them as orderly as you can, otherwise it might be hard to arrange them on the wall.

    6. Since we were working with a ton of Instax photos, we ended up numbering the backs in order, just in case. We recommend doing the same if you're working with a bigger mural, especially if you plan on taking it down and putting it back up at a different time.

    7. Finally! It's time to grid out our photos. Arrange them in the order you printed them and they should align properly.

    8. Attach to the wall with double sided tape. Luckily Instax photos are easy to hang and should stay up no problem with a single piece of tape.

    9. Once they're all hung up, enjoy! The mural can be taken down easily - just make sure to remove the double sided tape before stacking up the Instax images for storage.

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