• UO DIY: Floral Collages

    Turn found flowers into art with our guide to making one-of-a-kind, botanical collages that we're DIY-ing with Bridget Collins of Flora Forager, whose artful Instagram account inspired us to have her teach us more about the flower mandalas she creates. 

    She explains that mandalas prompt us to "take a closer look at the natural world" through observing "beauty in cyclical form; a representation of beauty radiating from the center." 
    For this mandala Bridget used lichen from the tree branches in her garden, sea glass, amethyst phlox, pink carnations, light purple orchids, and one icy pink rose (but the options are limitless!) During the warmer months, she explains, "I like to forage my materials in the outdoors and make a mandala to commemorate the adventure, but they can easily be bought, made from items already in the house, or even ingredients from the kitchen."

    To start, place a flower in the middle, then radiate in circles outward from the center with each of the different materials. Spokes, like on a wheel, naturally begin to form, and patterns can be made around them.

    Bridget used the petals of the carnations and phlox to make a mosaic. These seem intricate, but as long as the pattern is kept on each "spoke" of the mandala it is really very simple to create. 

    After she completes her mandalas,  Bridget explains that she take a photograph and then blows it away. She says, "each day, moment, and flower is ephemeral, and I like the act of remembering that though beauty is fleeting, it can still be experienced lavishly."

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