• UO DIY: Dreamcatcher with Laura Rogers

    This week, after seeing dreamcatchers everywhere we looked, we reached out to Laura Dillon Rogers, textile artist extraordinaire, to find out how to make our very own dreamcatchers with minimal supplies. The end result is an easy, beautiful piece of art that will fit right into any bedroom or living room. Read on for Laura's super simple tutorial.
    Photos by Meredith Coe, special thanks to Jessica Lee.

    Things you’ll need:

    - scissors
    - tape measure / ruler
    - cotton yarn
    - cotton upholstery cord / rope
    - metal ring 7” diameter
    - metal key ring
    - fabric remnants of your choice
    - pot for dyeing
    - fabric dye

    1. Gather the large and small metal rings, and cut 4 x 15” strands of the upholstery cording. Fold each piece of cord in half and tie onto the small key ring using a lark’s head knot.

    2. Tie the 8 cording ends onto the large metal ring with a simple knot and pull tight.

    3. Cut 8 x 35” strands of the cotton yarn. Beginning from the center of the dream catcher, tie a half hitch knot onto the top of one piece of cord. Continue the same half hitch knot all the way down the cording until you reach the large ring. This will create a spiral design. Continue the same knotting technique with each piece of cord, and tie the end of yarn onto the large ring to secure.

    4. Measure out 16 x 15” and 3 x 20” strands of the cotton yarn for fringe. Loop along the bottom of the large ring using a lark’s head knot. You can use more or less, depending on how much fringe you would like your dream catcher to have. In the center of the bottom, knot on the longer pieces.

    5. Tie one end of your fabric scrap onto the outer ring next to the start of the fringe. Loop the fabric around the ring until you reach the other side of the fringe. Continue looping the fabric between each piece of fringe yarn until you complete the entire circle. Tie end of fabric onto the large ring.

    6. Add a quick loop of yarn to the top of your dream catcher, and you’re ready to dip dye!

    7. Follow these instructions to make your fabric dye. Once prepared, dip your dreamer into the dye vat for the desired amount of time; I did about 15 minutes. Be sure to experiment with the dye process using your yarn and fabric scraps before dipping your dream catcher into the pot!

    8. Hang to dry, and ta-da!, your very own, made by you, quick-dyed, macramé dream catcher!

    Laura Dillon Rogers

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