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    We can't get over how much we love these fringe garlands for parties. After seeing them around the internet for ages, we decided to finally make our own. Going into this, we thought it would be a super simple craft, and it was, but we didn't factor in how time-consuming it would be, so just make sure you have enough spare time set aside for this one before you start. (We recommend getting cozy with Netflix for a few hours while making this.) Read on to see how we made our very own sparkly party garland.


    -tissue paper (any kind)
    -mylar table skirt material (found at party stores)
    -ribbon or twine
    -string lights (optional)
    -wire (for hanging, optional)

    1. To start off, you'll need to decide what kind of colors and tissue papers you'd like for your banner. Once you figure that out, you can start cutting and shredding everything up. We had a mix of things, but some of our supplies were pre-cut so we only needed to cut our (very metallic) tissue paper.

    2. You can make this garland any size you'd like, but we found that cutting the tissue paper sheets in half (from side to side, folded like a hamburger, not a hot dog) gave us a good size to work with. Once you have the length you'd like, just start cutting strips into your tissue paper! There's no secret to this - they can be as wide or as thin as you'd like them to be, but the thinner ones tend to lay better. Make sure to leave a couple inches at the top so that 1) the whole thing doesn't fall apart and 2) you can fasten your twine or ribbon to the top easily. Once you have as many bundles as you need, bind the tops with tape (or wire if you're feeling fancy).

    3. If you're using mylar skirting for the entire garland, you don't even have to worry about cutting strips into it, because it's already done for you. The mylar table skirts come in a long roll, so you'll just need to cut the length needed, and then wrap the top with tape or wire, same as you would do for the tissue paper.

    4. Finally, once you have as many bundles as you want, simply attach them to your ribbon or twine base with a small loop. If you're using wire, it'll be easy to loop the top of it over the main ribbon, but if you're using some kind of tape, you'll need to wrap some ribbon around it in order to hang it. Once all the bundles are attached, it's time to hang it up!

    Bonus: We added some sparkly wire stars to our final product in order to make the garland as glittery as possible. The perfect Instagram backdrop for upcoming holiday parties.

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