• UO DIY: Boot Care

    The inevitable will always happen when you wear your boots out of the house: they get worn, they get dirty, they get damaged. Fortunately for all of us there are ways to rejuvenate those grimy things you used to call boots. We walk through some simple steps to make those boots look great  and stay that way by cleaning, restoring, and waterproofing them.
    Photos by Michael Persico

    -(2) Clean, dry cloths
    -Paper towels
    -Dry cleaning bar and brush
    -Leather cleaning spray
    -Leather restoring wax
    -Waterproof spray

    1. The first step to cleaning your boots it to remove the dry dirt and buildup. A good option for removing the excess is using a dry cleaning bar and brush. Rub the cleaning bar lightly back and forth over the dirty areas to remove. Then use the brush to remove the residue left over and to raise the nap (if you're cleaning suede, raising the nap makes it easier to give your shoes a deep cleaning). 

    2. After all that surface dirt is removed, you'll want to give your leather boots a deep cleaning. One of our favorite cleaner options is the Timberland Renewbuck Cleaner. Start by spraying a generous amount of the cleaner onto a clean, dry rag until there is a healthy lather. 

    3. Work the cleaner into the entire shoe and avoid spot cleaning for best results. After giving the boot a good shampooing, use the second clean cloth to wipe the boot clean and absorb any dirt. If the boots are still damp, you can let them air dry for a little while.

    4. After letting your boots settle and dry for a bit, it's time to give them back their shine. Using a restorative wax on your boots replenishes the natural waxes in the leather, leaving them looking almost new again. We used the Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam, but Timberland has a great option as well. You'll want to apply a small amount to your sponge—which is included in the Wonder Balsam—and work well into your leather. Reapply as necessary until you cover your entire boot.

    6. The finishing touch after making your boots look pristine is to keep them looking that way, and the best thing to do is waterproof them. Using a spray like the Liquiproof Protector, hold the spray about 15cm away from the boot and cover the entire surface area until it's damp. You'll need to let your boots dry overnight before taking them out into the elements again, but they'll look as good as the day you bought them.

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