• UO DIY: Block Printed Gift Wrap

    Make your holiday gifts even more special with custom gift wrap, which we’re DIY-ing with homemade stamps made from everyday objects with the help of Austin designer Hallie Brewer of Studio B. 
    Photos by Michael A. Muller

    What you need:
    - Acrylic sheet or glass from a picture frame
    - Foam brush
    - Paper plate
    - Craft paper or old grocery bags
    - Acrylic paints
    - Rolling pin
    - Tape
    - Scissors
    - Cheap sponges
    - Thick yarn (We used jute yarn)

    Begin by cutting a piece of craft paper to the size you want and taping it to a flat surface. It’s best to know what you’ll be wrapping first so you know how much paper you’ll need. 

    Next cover your rolling pin with paper. Wrap your yard around the rolling pin, securing it with tape at the beginning and end. 

    Once your rolling pin is ready, spread your first color paint on the acrylic sheet (or glass). Use your foam brush to spread out the paint so you have a thin layer about the width of your rolling pin. 

    Begin rolling the pin through the paint to cover your yarn.  You can go back and forth and side to side to make sure it’s completely inked up.

    Next roll your pin across your paper, creating your design. You can add layers by rolling another direction or changing the color of paints you use. Leave to dry.

    For your second style of wrapping paper, cut a new sheet of craft paper and tape it down. Then, use scissors to cut fun shapes out of your sponges. 

    Once you have your shapes, place your paint on the paper plate and dip your sponge into the paint. 

    Like a stamp, apply the sponge to the paper and any pattern you like. Use a variety of colors to create a unique design.

    Hang to dry.

    Wrap your gifts using your new paper and share with friends—makes giving even more special. Happy holidays!

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