• UO DIY: Arranging Wall Art with Tessa Barton

    Tessa Barton knows how to arrange a wall. Here, she shows us how to make our very own collage wall (and it’s easier than you think).

    1. To start, you'll need a big, blank wall. Or, heck, even a small blank wall. Just get some part of your wall ready and empty for pics.

    Above: Debbie Carlos Black and White Flowers Art

    2. Gather up any prints you may want to use for your wall along with any magazine clippings, book pages, or sketches you want to add in. Get creative!

    3. Tessa recommends thinking of a theme for your wall; for instance, keeping things all cool-toned or black and white helps make it feel more cohesive.

    Above: Fran Rodriguez Coastline Print

    4. If you've already created a full collage wall, it's easy to switch out what you currently have up for a new look. Tessa says that her current wall is "layers and layers deep" and that she just tapes up a new photo when the mood strikes.

    5. Sitting back and examining your work will give you a better idea of where to place your next magazine page or print. Don't be afraid to rearrange multiple times.

    6. Once your wall feels full, sit back and admire it! When you're ready for a change, grab some tape and keep adding on.

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