• UO DIY: Collage Holiday Tree

    One of the easiest and most fun DIY projects we've run across is this collaged holiday tree. It's a festive, simple way to decorate for the holidays without having to spend too much money or clear too much space (which makes it ideal for dorm rooms or small apartments). It was also weirdly soothing to hang a bunch of our favorite ornaments, pictures and memories up on our wall while blasting some good tunes. While the process is definitely a little time consuming, it's not hard at all and we look forward to incorporating this into our yearly holiday tradition. For a look at the process, read on!

    Materials needed:
    -string lights
    -double-sided tape
    -gift-wrap bows
    -anything else you'd like to collage into your tree!

    1. First of all, pick out your fave things that you'd like to hang up in the collage. It can literally be anything, but smaller, flatter objects are obviously the easiest to attach to the wall. Along with some flat ornaments, we loved sifting through our old pictures to find our favorites to put up, but looking through old magazines and cutting them up is also a good option if you don't have a ton of Polaroids on hand. We also grabbed some small picture frames, dreamcatchers and bows to hang up, but literally a n y t h i n g will work here! Let your imagination run wild.

    2. Once you have your collage objects picked out, you can start mapping out the outline of your tree. We kept ours super simple, since the collage inside is the exciting part and we didn't want it to get too busy. It's handy to have a second person available for this step to help you eyeball, but getting the shape up is as easy as pinning up your twine outline with a few thumbtacks. Make the tree as big as you'd like, but just be warned that the bigger it gets, the longer it's going to take you to fill it.

    3. After you have your twine outline pinned up, if you'd like to make the tree a little more festive, you can wrap some string lights (we used our Firefly String Lights) around the twine. Again, we kept it super simple, but if you want even more lights, it's super easy to criss-cross them against the tree to get a more sparkly effect. Keep the electric plug in mind when hanging these, though, so you're not stuck with a gigantic plug dangling across half your living room wall.

    4. Now that you have an outline and lights hung up, go ahead and hang up all your collage items! We used double-sided tape on everything that was light, and thumbtacks on things that were a bit heavier. It's not necessary to plan the layout out too far ahead - in fact, we think it looks better when it's just randomly put together. Gives it that true "collage-y" feel. We added some sparkly gift-wrap bows to the top to define the shape even more, but this part of the project can be done any way your heart desires. Experiment!

    5. Pro-tip: seriously, don't be afraid to use that tape. It'll ensure that everything stays up for the duration of the holiday season and won't clatter to the floor after a night or two.

    6. Got everything up? Now you can stand back and admire! If there are any glaring holes in your collage, fill them in with any extra objects you may have leftover. If you don't have any larger objects leftover, cut out some extra filler spaces from magazines!

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