• UO Denim: Shaquille Adams

    Denim forever. In the spirit of the timeless, forever favorite fabric, we're highlighting how some inspiring individuals from all over the world style their own unique spins on our BDG denim.

    We chat with blogger Shaquille Adams about what fashion means to him and get his tips and tricks for styling.
    Photos by Tavish Timothy 

    Above: BDG Stonewash Denim Coverall

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are + what you do?
    Sure. I'm Shaquille Adams, a twenty-two-year-old Influencer, born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. I've lived in the states for a little over five years now. Spent two and a half years in Atlanta, Georgia before moving here after college. I am one of four siblings who all still reside on the island. My day to day job is a full-time Personal Shopper so I pretty much help people shop all day, every day. Never expected to ever get into fashion but I'm loving the ride thus far. 

    Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York! It's been about three years now.

    I am 22 years old til September of this year.

    Astrological sign? 
    I'm a Virgo/Libra cusp, born on the last day of Virgo season. 

    Above: BDG X Urban Renewal Orange Reflect Skinny Jean

    Tell us one thing you’ve been extremely interested in lately.
    I can not stop listening to Sza's "Ctrl" album since its release. It has to be one of my favorite projects of all time! For right now anyway.

    Who’s your fashion icon?
    I don't think I have one. I don't think men in the industry take enough risks to inspire me. I'm more so inspired by eras. Right now, I'm obsessed with the "supermodel off-duty" aesthetic. Take something as classic as blue jeans and a t-shirt but make it fashionable enough to out dress everyone in the room. 

    Can you tell us the story about your favorite pair of jeans? 
    So I got the perfect pair of black coated jeans from Zara about two years ago to wear on my birthday. I loveeeedddd those jeans! They were perfect for every look, so I wore them all the time. So much that I ripped the crotch! Me being me, I had to find the exact pair. So of course, I repurchased the same pair but over time, I ripped the crotch again. Let's just say I'm on the hunt for those babies again. Third time's the charm, right?

    What's your best memory while wearing them?  
    This is the first time I'm publicly sharing this story but a few seasons ago, I attended New York fashion week. It was rumored that Rihanna was showcasing her first Fenty x Puma collection in New York and I just had to go. I didn't know how, or where, but I was determined to find out. After doing my research, I finally found out the venue and call time. I showed up about an hour before showtime, super casual, and expressed that I was a part of the catering team but running late. No questions asked, I was given a backstage pass! I remember entering the venue and changing my outfit in the bathroom... into my favorite jeans, of course! Long story short, I sat front row, got backstage access and met Rihanna for the first time, in my favorite pair of denim. Crazy, right?

    Above: Starter X UO New York Denim Coach Jacket

    Light, medium, or dark wash?
    Usually, I'd say the darkest wash possible but I've really been into light washed denim lately! Like obsessed!

    What jeans did you wear in high school? 
    Freshman year, I was totally on the Soulja Boy wave, wearing size 34 carpenter jeans! By senior year, I was rocking skinnies like the New Boyz. 

    What are your favorite denim moments in pop culture or history?
    Strangely enough, Kanye's denim moment at the 2016 met gala really grew on me as one of my favorite denim moments in recent pop culture. The embellished denim jacket was such a must have piece!

    If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?
    They'd say I should probably size up! Haha.

    Above: BDG Striped Denim Cutoff Short

    Where do you tend to find the best denim?
    Honestly, Topshop was doing it for me. They have the perfect mix of statement jeans and they fit my athletic thighs. That was up until recently when I started wearing the BDG denim from Urban. They literally fit me perfectly and have the right amount of uniqueness to each pair. I'm wearing the striped ones right now! 

    If you’re an expert denim thrifter, any tips for finding the best jeans?
    I actually suck at thrifting but I'd say it's always worth it to find a pair that's customizable, even if it isn't necessarily the perfect fit. 

    What current denim trend is your favorite?
    I actually have two: I love to see other people wear the super wide leg denim trousers with the raw hem but I'm definitely not cool enough for that yet. I'm also obsessed with two toned or reconstructed statement jeans! 

    Would you rather be relegated to a life in bootcut jeans or a life in carpenter jeans?
    I might regret this later but I'd go with the boot cut jeans. Although, it would have to be the '70s inspired fit and flare ones! I love the '70s! 

    If your significant other wanted to wear a denim suit with you a la Britney and Justin, would you do it?
    Of course! As corny as it may be, that was truly iconic and I love a good Canadian tuxedo!

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