• UO Denim: Pamela Vergara

    Denim forever. In the spirit of the timeless, forever favorite fabric, we're highlighting how some inspiring individuals from all over the world style their own unique spins on our BDG denim.

    USC cinema grad and young filmmaker Pamela Vergara (@pameluft) is on our radar; we spent a day in the life with her to talk movies, art, and — naturally — all things denim.
    Photos by Karly Valencia

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are + what you do? 
    I’m a Filipina, recent college grad, writer, and filmmaker. I’m a self-learner and even bigger dabbler. I pride myself on being a one-woman show in everything I do, so if there is ever content I think of that I want to create, but there are certain things I don’t know how to produce yet (be it design wise, photographically, or in post production) I really go out of my own way to teach myself how to do it, even if it means learning new programs or computer languages. As a kid, I spent a lot of time inside, so the computer was my best friend. My sister had Photoshop on our family’s desktop, and I would also toy a lot with Windows Movie Maker. As early as middle school, I would go on art communities like DeviantArt and even places like Createblog, where I could submit MySpace and Xanga layouts I coded and designed myself. My stuff wasn’t good at all, but the practice alone was definitely a big part in my development as a young artist.

    SF Bay Area

    Just turned 25!

    Astrological sign?

    Tell us one thing you’ve been extremely interested in lately (book, artist, TV show, etc.)
    Lately I’ve been super into rewatching shows from my childhood— stuff like Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. When things are stressful, it’s the perfect way to wind down. Almost like an IV drip of warmth and nostalgia.

    Who’s your fashion icon?
    It’s a tie between Lisa Bonet (esp. in the 80s and 90s!) and Anna Karina. The middle of those two on a scale would definitely be the best way to explain my own personal style.

    Can you tell us the story about your favorite pair of jeans? 
    Plain and simple— I found them in the back of my mom’s closet. Thankfully she hadn't worn them in years, so they’ve been with me ever since.

    What's your best memory while wearing them?  
    I took them with me on my first trip abroad to South Korea! I wore them practically everywhere— walks through the park by the river, day trips around the city to shop and explore, and late night adventures to fetch street food and snacks at the convenience store.

    Light, medium, or dark wash?
    Light wash, always. 

    What jeans did you wear in high school?
    When I was in high school, skinny jeans were the thing, especially if they were different colors. I had purple, yellow, and red pairs!

    What are your favorite denim moments in pop culture or history?
    I always think in terms of film— so when I think denim, right away the first movie that comes to mind is The Outsiders. So. much. denim. And so, so, so iconic. Oh and there’s also the jacket scene from Brokeback Mountain…. let’s stop here before the tears roll in.

    If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?
    Probably that when it comes to them, I’m a pretty simple girl. A lot of the outfits I wear are elaborate, but with a pair of jeans, it takes everything in me not to just throw on a t-shirt and call it a day.

    Where do you tend to find the best denim?
    When it’s not from my mom’s closet, then definitely from the thrift store or any kind of special boutique. Because I’m super petite, it’s so hard to find denim that fits me properly or in the way that I want. A department store’s XS or 0 will rarely ever fit me, yet I always seem to find gems at Goodwill or Thrift Town.

    If you’re an expert denim thrifter, any tips for finding the best jeans?
    Explore outside of your usual section! I’ve found tons of perfect-fitting pairs where the kids clothes are. 

    What current denim trend is your favorite?
    I will never get tired of mom jeans. 

    Would you rather be relegated to a life in bootcut jeans or a life in carpenter jeans?
    I wouldn’t mind bootcut! There’s a lot you can do with that classic silhouette.

    If your significant other wanted to wear a denim suit with you a la Britney and Justin, would you do it?
    100% yes. Denim on denim on denim? A look.

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