• UO Denim: Jorshua Stewart

    Denim forever. In the spirit of the timeless, forever favorite fabric, we're highlighting how some inspiring individuals from all over the world style their own unique spins on our BDG denim. See all our BDG stories here.

    Travel with us to Houston, TX to meet Jorshua Stewart (@_jorshua) for a day in the (denim) life.
    Photos by Renamarie Divina

    Can you introduce yourself please? Who are you, what do you do?
    My name is Jorshua (pronounced ye-shu-a). I am a denim enthusiast, giraffe lover, and momma's girl who could live on burgers, fries, and milkshakes. Currently I'm getting into fashion design :)

    Houston, Texas y'all.

    22 (cue T-Swift song)

    Astrological sign?
    Virgo! Everything is true! Guilty.

    Tell us one thing you’ve been extremely interested in lately (book, artist, TV show, etc.)
    Cute cafes where I can sit, sip my tea, and let my mind wander. (I told you I'm a Virgo)

    Who’s your fashion icon?
    I draw inspiration from anyone who is fearless and exudes confidence.

    Can you tell us the story about your favorite pair of jeans? 
    This is probably the hardest question because I'm so bad at picking favorites! It's like a parent saying out loud who their favorite kid is. You just can't do that!

    What's your best memory while wearing them?  
    Braving my first snowstorm in NYC this past February is one for the books. I totally wore leggings underneath. 

    Light, medium, or dark wash?

    What jeans did you wear in high school? 
    They were most likely high-water. No shame in my denim game.

    What are your favorite denim moments in pop culture or history?
    It would be against the rules not to say Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake AMA's 2001.

    If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?
    Don't you have anything else to wear? 

    Where do you tend to find the best denim?
    Vintage denim is the best denim. 

    If you’re an expert denim thrifter, any tips for finding the best jeans?
    Just check often! When you thrift, new stuff is added almost daily. "The good ones go if you wait too long" -Drake

    What current denim trend is your favorite?
    Loose fit!

    Would you rather be relegated to a life in bootcut jeans or a life in carpenter jeans?
    Carpenter. Loose fit jeans paired with bodysuits are my thing at the moment.
    If your significant other wanted to wear a denim suit with you a la Britney and Justin, would you do it?
    Yes! I'd probably have the urge to propose right after. 

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