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    Toronto-based Christian Thompson shows us around a day-in-the-life as we chat style and inspiration.
    Photos by Arden Wray

    Above: Stussy Summer Coach Jacket

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are + what you do?
    My name is Christian Thompson and I’m the founder of the menswear + lifestyle blog, Christian Confidential. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Other than fashion, I love anything to do with music, pop culture, entertainment and health and wellness and travel. I’m obsessed with watching and reading biographies, Bryson Tiller and the new SZA album CTRL.

    Above: BDG Black Denim Overalls

    Currently living in Toronto, Canada.


    Astrological Sign?
    Gemini - I’m the absolute epitome of it too! 

    Tell us one thing you’ve been extremely interested in lately?
    Lately, I’ve been really into learning about my personal energies and finding different ways to keeping my chakras balanced. It’s weird to some people but to me, it’s cool!

    Who’s your fashion icon?
    That’s a tough question but I have three people that I always reference - Lenny Kravitz, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams. They’re all fashion icons to me because they push the boundaries in style and really tell a story in their way of dressing. I love people that aren’t afraid to be themselves in a society that encourages us all to be the same. 

    Can you tell us the story about your favorite pair of jeans?
    I have these pair of vintage denim shorts that I’ve had for over five years that I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of. They have the perfect amount of rips and go with almost everything in my summer wardrobe. Honestly, the best find I’ve had while thrift shopping!

    What’s your best memory while wearing them?
    It was probably a bit over three years ago. I was just getting out of an unhealthy relationship and packed my bags and headed to Europe to rediscover myself. I landed in Barcelona, bright and early in the morning and changed into those denim shorts and a tank and just started walking with no map or sense of direction. It ended up being one of the best days ever and most liberating feeling to date. 

    Above: BDG Super Acid Wash Straight Cropped Jean

    Light, medium or dark wash?
    Light wash denim in the day and dark wash denim at night. I tend to stay away from medium washed denim for some reason.

    What jeans did you wear in high school?
    In high school, I wore a lot of skinny or slim fit denim. Levi’s, The Gap and Nudie Jeans were definitely my go-to’s back then.

    What are your favorite denim moments in pop culture or history?
    I’m totally going to date myself but do you remember the Calvin Klein underwear ads with Marky Mark and Kate Moss? That’s probably my favorite moment!

    Above: Mowgli Surf Monterey Stripe Coach Jacket

    If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?
    That when I find the right pair of denim, I wear the hell out of them! I’m super picky when it comes to my denim.

    Where do you tend to find the best denim?
    For me, I’ve gotta be in the right mood to look for denim. I don’t necessarily have a go-to place, I just tend to see a pair that I like and try them on. If they fit well, I’ll buy two pairs!

    If you’re an expert denim thrifter, any tips for finding the best jeans?
    I’m in no way an expert denim thrifter but if you’re into cutting or ripping your jeans (like me), the older the jeans the better. I don’t exactly know what it is, but older jeans just cut and fray better than any new pair of jeans!

    What current denim trend is your favorite?
    Right now I’m really into the straight leg cropped denim trend for men. It’s like an ode to the '90s and probably one of my favorite eras for style inspiration. 

    Above: BDG Light Stonewash Dad Jean

    Would you rather be relegated to a life in bootcut jeans or a life in carpenter jeans?
    Can I say neither and opt for skinny jeans instead?!

    If your significant other wanted to wear a denim suit with you a la Britney and Justin, would you do it?
    Nah, I would have to say no right now but you never know in the future. Let me find my significant other first and then we’ll talk, haha!

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