• UO Denim: Anaa Saber

    Denim forever. In the spirit of the timeless, forever favorite fabric, we're highlighting how some inspiring individuals from all over the world style their own unique spins on our BDG denim. See all our BDG stories here.

    Anaa Saber shows us how she accessorizes basic denim to take it to the next level. 
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about who you are + what you do?
    I’m Anaa, aka self-made professional multitasker. I’m an editor and blogger. I work full-time as an associate concept editor at Tobe Report and freelance as a fashion writer. 

    However, my side and most favorite hustle is my blog called Our Second Skin. Our Second Skin is about fashion playing a bigger role than just clothing in our everyday lives. OSS embodies who I am, but most importantly who we are and who we can be: people unafraid to stand out. When we decide what we want to wear we are adding definition into our lives or more simplified our second skin.   

    Above: BDG Ex-Boyfriend Relaxed Fit Jean

    New York City.


    Astrological sign?

    Tell us one thing you’ve been extremely interested in lately.
    I love TV shows. Fun Fact: I am a Food Network fanatic. I’d love to, at some point in my life, go to culinary school. Who knows... maybe after fashion, that’s next. 

    Who’s your fashion icon?
    Can I be cliché and say my mom? Okay, all jokes aside, Solange (of course). Oh, and Lily Rose Depp. She’s so young, but kills it every time.  

    Can you tell us the story about your favorite pair of jeans? 
    I remember buying my first pair of Acne Jeans in high school. I loved and lived in them for a full week straight. Little did I know that you can’t wash and dry Acne Jeans…I mean you can guess how this ends, right? My favorite pair became my little cousin’s new favorite pair. But lesson learned! All denim is different so treat it with care. 

    Above: BDG Girlfriend High Rise Jean

    What's your best memory while wearing them?
    Such a short lived memory, refer above :(.

    Light, medium, or dark wash?
    Medium always but sometimes dark.

    What jeans did you wear in high school? 
    Not ashamed to say Abercrombie and Hollister were actually my top trusted denim sources. 

    What are your favorite denim moments in pop culture or history? 
    Aaliyah in her Tommy's, such a babe.

    Above: Style Mafia Fluffy Midi Slip Dress

    If your jeans could talk, what would they say about you?

    Where do you tend to find the best denim?
    My favorite denim is still by Acne. Other go-to's are BDG and APC. Also, can't forget thrifting.

    If you’re an expert denim thrifter, any tips for finding the best jeans?
    Patience is key. You will not find the perfect pair on your first visit, trust.

    What current denim trend is your favorite?
    Denim on denim on denim on denim.

    Would you rather be relegated to a life in bootcut jeans or a life in carpenter jeans?
    Oh, that's hard, but currently into carpenter. 

    If your significant other wanted to wear a denim suit with you a la Britney and Justin, would you do it?
    That would be so fun. I'm all for a statement!

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