• UO Community Cares: Urban Outfitters Partners with VH1 Save The Music

    We teamed up with VH1 Save The Music Foundation to commemorate the group’s 20th anniversary, which includes 10 live concerts across the country and an exclusive line of new apparel. Read on to find out more about the collab and why music matters.
    Photos courtesy of VH1 Save The Music Foundation and Tavish Timothy

    In 1997 VH1 Save The Music Foundation became the first organization dedicated to the restoration of instrumental music education in U.S. public schools. Based in New York City, the foundation works with schools and districts nationwide confronted with budget cuts targeting music education. In its 20 years, VH1 Save The Music Foundation has expanded its mission to serve 1,964 schools in 233 school districts which would, providing over two million students nationwide with $52 million in musical instruments.

    In recent years, America’s public schools have focused their attentions and budgets to STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and as a result, when facing tough financial decisions, schools and districts must often consider reducing or eliminating  funding to the arts, including music. But the VH1 Save The Music Foundation recognizes the unique and crucial role of the Arts at the core of students’ education, and advocates for STEAM education (Science, Technology, Arts, and Mathematics).

    VH1 Save The Music Foundation ensures these treasures of music education remain in reach of our students in underserved, underfunded, and vulnerable  schools and districts. Their ultimate goal: ensuring every child in America has access to a musical instrument. By offering grant packages for school strings, band, or mariachi programs, the Foundation can jumpstart music programs in schools committed to keeping music alive in the curriculum. 

    Students and teachers impacted by VH1 Save The Music Foundation can attest to the profound impact that music education has had on their lives. The music classroom is a space where students can apply skills and concepts they have learned in other fields, and learn skills to carry with them in every day life. Young music  students will tell you music inspires their imagination and excites their curiosity. Educators have observed that music can improve students' overall outlooks on school attendance and provide an intellectual and an emotional outlet for students struggling with mental illness or problems at home. Perhaps most importantly, music programs give students a chance to imagine, learn, cooperate, and create together.

    UO has teamed up with VH1 Save The Music Foundation to help carry out its mission of providing accessible instrumental music education to all elementary and middle school students in America. Read on to find out how we're working to save the music all month long. 

    Together with Save The Music, we created an exclusive clothing line. The 6-piece collection includes a long sleeve tee, a short sleeve tee, and a hooded sweatshirt in white and black. All proceeds from the merchandise sales will be donated to VH1 Save The Music Foundation. 

    On Saturday, March 19th, Grammy award-nominated band, The Internet, will be closing out UO Live in Austin at Space 24 Twenty in Austin, TX to benefit Save The Music Foundation. The band will perform songs from their three albums as well as their respective solo projects, like Syd's latest album, Fin. Read on to find out more VH1 benefit events in your area.

    Space 15 Twenty
    1520 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 

    3/11 Common Ground Record Showcase featuring Something More, Chris Steward, + 2 bands TBD; 7pm-9pm
    3/25 Local Heroes: Beating Lights Showcase
    3/26 Hollywood Record Fair featuring Acoustic performances + DJ; 11am-3pm

    Space Ninety 8
    98 N 6th St,  Brooklyn, NY 11249
    3/3 Local Heroes: Buscrates + DJ Sean Rowlands 7pm-9pm
    3/25 Local Heroes: TBD
    3/31 Local Heroes: Charlotte De Santos + Joy Postell  Dirty Tapes DJ’s; 7pm-9pm

    Space 24 Twenty
    3/19 UO Live in Austin with The Internet 7pm 
    3/30 Local Heroes: Euphoria Fest­­ 7:30-10pm

    Boise, ID

    Cult Bride + Pure Ivy
    Thursday, Mar. 2nd
    At Urban Outfitters
    328 S. 8th St.  Boise, ID
    Las Vegas, NV
    Chelsea Amber + Drew Limas
    DJ Set by Cholotorta
    Thursday, Mar. 9th
    At Urban Outfitters Fashion Show Mall
    Ann Arbor, MI
    Rella, Asante + Lex
    Friday, Mar. 10th
    At Urban Outfitters
    231 S. State St.  Ann Arbor, MI
    Honolulu, HI
    Alive & Swell, Ivory City + TTFN
    Saturday, March 18th
    At Urban Outfitters
    2424 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI
    Lexington, KY
    Jovontaes, John Clemente + Chino Vadgi
    Saturday, March 25th
    At Urban Outfitters
    401 W. Main St. Lexington, KY
    Washington, DC
    Last Niight, The Experience, Freshman, Saba Abraha, Rooftop Society + Light Beams
    Saturday, March 25th
    At Urban Outfitters 3111 M St. NW Washington, DC

    Tallahassee, FL
    Ecology, Sgt. Bear, Wild Planet + DJ KOH
    Saturday, March 25th
    At Urban Outfitters 717 S. Woodward Ave. Tallahassee, FL

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