• UO Beauty: Find Your Fragrance

    What exactly makes a fragrance you? Take a personality quiz to find out which of our most popular perfumes is going to be your new signature scent. 

    Take the Quiz

    1. The season you're most drawn to is:
    A.) Spring
    B.) Fall
    C.) Winter
    D.) Summer

    2. Your favorite smell in the summer is:
    A.) Wildflowers
    B.) Campfires
    C.) Laundry in the dryer
    D.) Fresh fruit

    3. Your friends would describe you as:
    A.) The flirty one
    B.) The mysterious one
    C.) The Phoebe of the group
    D.) The one who's always cooking

    4. Your favorite color lately is:
    A.) Pink, tons and tons of pale pink
    B.) Black, especially when it comes to clothes
    C.) Yellow, but a strong yellow
    D.) Coral, because it's important to stand out

    5. The weather you love the most is:
    A.) Bright sunshine, warm weather
    B.) A cooler, rainy day
    C.) Surprise snowstorm
    D.) Hot as hell

    6. Imagine there are pictures here. Pick the picture that most speaks to you:
    A.) A 35mm shot of a couple kissing
    B.) A black and white mirror selfie
    C.) A person at the top of a mountain
    D.) A very cool, very new shoe

    7. Your favorite dessert is:
    A.) Strawberry cheesecake
    B.) Bread pudding
    C.) Creme brûlée
    D.) Rolled ice cream

    8. If you could bottle the smell of one thing it would be:
    A.) Sunflowers
    B.) Old leather
    C.) Lemons
    D.) Waffles

    9. You'd prefer to live:
    A.) In the suburbs
    B.) On the road
    C.) In the country
    D.) In the city

    10. Your favorite lipstick color is:
    A.) Light pink
    B.) Dark maroon
    C.) Purple or blue
    D.) Bright red

    How did you answer?

    Mostly As: THE ROMANTIC 
    Floral, feminine, timeless

    You love flowers and traditional perfumes. Anything with notes of roses, jasmine or orange blossoms are what you're always drawn to. If you're looking for a new signature scent, look for perfumes that have base notes of roses, florals, and berries, like Tokyomilk Light Awaken Within, Gourmand's Macaron Rose, and Adorn's Rose Quartz. The best perfumes keep it light with blends of florals and sweet scents, giving that classic, timeless feel that's most important to you.

    Mostly Bs: THE REBEL 
    Musky, earthy, unexpected

    You've never been drawn to typical, floral perfumes, but instead find yourself loving ones with muskier base notes. When you were growing up, you always liked your dad's cologne more than any perfume you could buy in Bath and Body Works. Now that you're all grown up, there are plenty of perfumes out there with earthy, unexpected base notes. Some of our favorites to choose from are: KORRES Eau De Toilette, Adorn EDP Fragrance in Tiger's Eye and Onyx, and Fig + Moss Perfume Balm. Look for notes of patchouli, musk and sandalwood.

    Mostly Cs: THE FREE SPIRIT 
    Light, clean, simple

    Fresh, clean scents have always been your go-tos: citrus, clean laundry, anything powdery. You like lighter perfumes that aren't overpowering and that blend well on the skin. Bright, summery scents are always your favorites, even in the dead of winter. To stay true to your scent preferences, stock up on light, subtle perfumes like Gourmand's Fleur Monoi (which is light enough that it can be used as a hair and body spray), Gourmand's Citron Glace, and Adorn's Lapis perfume. Look for notes of citrus, sage, and beechwood.

    Warm, sweet, exotic

    While you aren't quite willing to douse yourself in patchouli oil, you like a perfume that has warmer, less floral notes. Look for a perfume that has notes of sandalwood, musk and amber, like Gourmand's Pistachio Brulee, Gourmand's Ambre Etoile, and Tokyomilk Dark Tainted Love. Anything that's a blend of musky and sweet will be a win for you, especially something with a spicy, peppery undertone.

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