• Brands We Love: Christina Rinaldi x Bing Bang

    Nail artist Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative sat in at our Bing Bang NYC launch party last week and made sure everyone who wanted one received a custom manicure that perfectly matched our newly launched BBxUO jewelry line (think delicate and gold). Since we aren't ready to let our manicures chip away forever just yet, Christina provided us with an easy tutorial, along with some of her favorite tips and tricks.

    Kintsukuroi Manicure Tutorial
    Kintsukuroi = "to repair with gold"; the Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

    Base Coat
    UO Nail Polish in Optic
    Liquid adhesive
    White Gold Foil*
    Top Coat

    Step 1 : Clean, file, buff, base coat.
    Step 2 : Paint base color. Keep in mind this look works best with high contrast colors - pick something that’s either drastically light or dark to ensure your foil stands out the most.

    Step 3 : Using liquid adhesive, start from one point anywhere on the nail and draw 2 lines extending out from that point. Make the lines thinner at one end to achieve the broken aesthetic. Let dry and apply foil.

    Step 4 : Apply your favorite topcoat.**
    Step 5 : Admire your Kintsukuroi Nail Art

    *Pro Tip : If you do not have foil, you can achieve this look using your favorite gold metallic polish.
    **Note : Topcoat will cause foil to shrivel which, in this case, will add to our aesthetic, however it is not recommended for large foiled areas.

    About Christina:

    I'm originally from the midwest, and have been in Brooklyn for about seven years now. I’ve been painting designs on my nails and friends' nails for as long as I can remember. I became more serious about it when I noticed the popularity my designs were gaining on social media.

    My favorite design is anything that has an unexpected element to it, whether it be a beautiful floral with a gold foil handgun or a clean, simple nude nail that has freckles.

    The longest I’ve spent on nails was
    a solid six hours on a very elaborate full set.

    My holy grail products are Seche Vite topcoat and RGB cuticle oil. I take both with me everywhere I go.

    I’m particularly inspired by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari of Toilet Paper Magazine. Their concepts are fascinating and I truly love they way they make me think.

    This summer I'm listening to
    Kelela, Party Next Door, HU₵₵I, Spooky Black.

    My favorite spot to go in the summer is McCarren Park Pool.

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