• Unboxing UO Grow

    Guess what? You can now buy plants - real, live plants - direct from the UO site! There's a variety of succulent choices, all sold in convenient sets. Whether you're looking for 4 plants or 40, we've got you covered. Read on to see how they come shipped and find out if they're the right purchase for you.
    Photos by CJ Harvey

    Not close to a store that sells plants? Grab a few from UO. You can order a set of 20 2" succulents, a set of 4 4" succulents,  set of 12 2" succulents, or set of 4 2" succulents. (The ones above are the 4" succulents.)

    Even if you buy something else with your plants, the plants will come separately in these brown paper boxes.

    The plants are surrounded by crinkle paper to make sure they don't get beat up during transit (and the dirt stays in place as well).

    Pull out the crinkle paper and remove your plant from the box. It comes in a plastic pot (the kind that's pretty standard at any gardening/plant store) so it can be set out as-is if you don't have an extra pot handy.

    For those who want to re-pot, remove the plant and make sure you have a bag of dirt handy.

    Sprinkle some dirt at the bottom of your chosen planter.

    Remove your UO plant from it's pot (it will slide out easily!) and place it in its new, fancy planter.

    Top off with more dirt and tamp down with fingers. Do this for all plants as needed. Since your plants had a long journey in a dark box with no water, give them a sprinkle of water and let them sit in a sunny place to give them the nutrients they need. Since they're succulents, they won't need much care - just sunshine and room to grow.

    Once they start getting bigger, re-pot as necessary. That's it! Super easy to fill your entire bedroom/dorm room with plants. Stay green this year, everybody!

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