• Tumblr Tuesday: Tiana Attride

    We’re always scouring Tumblr for up-and-coming artists, photographers and interesting people to follow. On Tumblr Tuesdays we dig a little deeper, introducing you to a new person whose point-of-view we’re reblogging this week.

    Meet Tiana Attride, an up-and-coming photographer based out of Atlanta, who recently won our UO Road Trip Snapchat content and got to come to Miami with us. We love the way Tiana captured her experience in Miami, and can't wait to see more from her as a photographer!

    Hi Tiana! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?
    I’m Tiana, I’m 18, and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. At 5’10, I love being tall. I’m a very proud Virgo and a strong believer in the oxford comma. My favorite band is the Strokes, and my favorite artist is Hokusai. I do a lot of things, like writing and running social media for a few different fashion and news publications at my school, but mainly I take a lot of photos.

    What did you do when you found out you'd won the UO Snapchat contest?
    It’s funny because right after I sent in my entry, I asked one of my friends jokingly, “Do people actually win these things?” And then to find out yes, yes they do was an absolutely wild feeling! When I got the message that I’d won, I called my family and screamed and freaked out (as one does). Then in the days before the trip, I mostly just continued to say, “Is this actually happening? I feel like this is a weird dream,” over and over again. It still feels unreal.

    What were you most excited to check out in Miami? Had you ever been before?
    I had been before—my dad grew up in Miami so we’ve spent some time there before, but this trip was a different experience since I was traveling with a friend rather than with my family (in other words, there was a lot more time spent shopping). Of course, I was most excited for the beach! A basic answer, but a true one. I don’t get much beach time since I live in Atlanta and go to school in North Carolina, which is a shame considering how happy and free being near the ocean makes me feel.

    Where was your favorite place you visited while in Miami? Tell us some of your favorite parts of the trip!
    One of the strangest and most interesting places I visited in Miami—and possibly one of the strangest and most interesting I’ve visited in my life—was the World Erotic Art Museum in the Art Deco District, which was a lot more tasteful than what might immediately come to mind! The whole museum began after a mother was challenged by her oldest son to find a good piece of erotic art for his new apartment, which I could never imagine doing to my mom. They had over 4,000 works from all over the world dating back to 300 B.C., and every piece was really beautiful.

    The Freehand Hotel where we stayed was also gorgeous, and an amazing place to meet new people! Since it was a hotel and a hostel, we met a couple of people from worlds away—one guy from Australia, a girl from Germany, one from Russia. Meeting them, combined with meeting a lot of really lovely people from UO, made Miami feel like home.

    When did you start becoming interested in photography?
    Probably around my sophomore year of high school. I used to use disposable cameras or just my phone—I would literally set up shoots with my sister or my friends where I would style looks and have them model in front of an iPhone— but only within the last year or so have I had the ability to really pursue photography. In high school, I felt very limited by my environment. But when I went to college, I joined the literary and arts society St. Anthony Hall and things just took off from there. My friends there are all such amazing artists that I felt inspired to create and to pursue an art form that I hadn’t had strong enough emotional access to before. It’s been so much fun and really life changing.

    What kind of things do you look for when you're shooting?
    Aesthetically, I love working with intense colors, especially if the composition is relatively monochromatic. In terms of subject matter, though, I primarily like shooting portraits, so I always look for the story in a person’s face. Every face is so unique: from the their eyes, to their mouth, to their lines and wrinkles, a face speaks volumes about a person’s life and soul.

    Whenever I’m shooting with somebody, I treat it as if we’re just hanging out because I believe that people are most beautiful in their natural state of being. I try very hard not to pose people super formally. For me, it’s about talking to them, and getting to know them, and catching them in those moments between one thought and the next. I might tell them to turn this way or that, or to try looking up and to the right, but really I want to make people feel comfortable and like themselves in front of the camera.

    Where's the next place you'd like to visit for a vacation?
    Somewhere like New Zealand or Scotland. This summer, I’ve gotten the chance to go to the beach and I’m currently working in a city, so now I’d love to get out to a place with a lot of wide open green spaces, tall old trees, winding rivers, and snow-capped mountains. Somewhere really peaceful and natural.

    What about the rest of 2016 – do you have any upcoming plans or goals?
    I want to start getting my work out there more and collaborating with more photographers and artists. I also want to begin digging a little deeper when it comes to the images I produce and create work that speaks to people. Ultimately, I want to gain enough technical skill that I can push myself further artistically than I’ve gone thus far.

    Finally, tell us one thing you're excited to do this summer!
    I’m interning at an art gallery in Boston this summer, so I’m stoked to learn as much as I can about photography and curating, as well as to be in a new city where I can find some new inspiration. Mostly, I’m just excited to grow.

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