• Tumblr Tuesday: Natalie O'Moore

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    Currently based in Los Angeles, photographer Natalie O'Moore's newest photo diary, titled Summer is a Verb, focuses on everything you think of when you think summer: ice cream, suburbs, and lazy beach hangs. Below, Natalie walks us through each of the photos, and lets us find out a little more about her dreamy east coast summer vacation.

    This summer I went back to the east coast for a month. I took these two in Cape Cod - the pinnacle of an American summer vacation town. I loved this church. New England feels haunted and this church felt very much to me like the opening scene for a horror movie.

    This is my friend Dana Marcolina. We were near my dad’s house in Pennsylvania. The cemeteries in PA are really interesting. We were driving around and found this really beautiful cemetery.

    This is my sister Madeline on Cape Cod. We were grilling… but I loved this vintage Led Zeppelin shirt so I had to take some pictures.

    The sky is insane on the Cape. Joel Meyerowitz made this seminal book, Cape Light, which was an exploration of color photography as it broke in to the art world. I was really trying to work off of his images and capture the same sense of place through light and color.

    Madeline by the lake. She was closing her eyes and I was snapping some pictures, and she looked up right at this moment wondering what I was doing. The other is my cousin. She had just gotten a really bad burn on her back.

    Ice cream. Every day of summer.

    Deflated ice cream floats by the lake.

    Madeline at the lake. The colors of the boats were really beautiful and reminded us of our summer camp. Also of Wet Hot American Summer, one of our favorite movies.

    The two girls are my friends Lorin and Kailtyn. We were playing around in my studio

    This is a still from a little picnic project that Dana and I were photographing.

    Dana after going to the grocery store. The suburbs are so aesthetically pleasing to me. I could photograph there forever.

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