• Tumblr Tuesday: Natalee Ranii-Dropcho

    We’re always scouring Tumblr for up-and-coming artists, photographers and interesting people to follow. On Tumblr Tuesdays we dig a little deeper, introducing you to a new person whose point-of-view we’re reblogging this week.

    This week, the work of Natalee Ranii-Dropcho has caught our eye and kept us scrolling; her clean, colorful photographs have been the first thing we check out every time we log onto Tumblr. To find out more, we spoke to Natalee about her photography style, what she finds herself photographing the most, and the stories behind five of her favorite photos.

    Hi Natalee! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
    24/F/NYC. I am a content strategist by day, analog photographer by night and weekend. My last name sounds like rain-eye-drop-show.

    How did you get started in photography?
    When I was in high school I found my mother’s old Canon AE-1 collecting dust in a closet and claimed it as my own. I’ve been shooting ever since; taking candid portraits of life that became a catalyst for self-expression. I used to simply capture moments and now I am starting to create them.

    What subjects are you most drawn to?
    People. I often wish I had an invisible camera so I could capture them in their purest form… people often change in front of the lens.

    Favorite gear?
    My Contax G2 and T2 never let me down.

    What feeling do you most try to convey with your photos?
    I take photos to stop time. I aim to capture a raw moment– the play of light, the weight of clasped hands, the smile that goes unseen. Nostalgia is a pervasive theme in my work if no reason other than I build my world from memories. My photographs prove I exist.

    Does your photography style translate to your fashion at all? What is your personal clothing style like?
    Not directly but in the way that less is always more. And consistency. My friends who know me well can pick out exactly what I would buy in a store just as they could see a photo of mine and assume that I took it. My style changes with my mood, but I would say it’s equal parts black, minimal and understated sporty.

    Can you tell us a few of your favorite Tumblrs to follow?
    Teeth Magazine
    Pitch Zine

    Favorite food: A traditional Slovak dish called bolbaky that I only eat once a year when I go home for Christmas
    Favorite drink: Dark and Stormy
    One band you could listen to forever: Björk
    One place you want to go before you die: Iceland
    Favorite song: Always changing, but right now "A Message" by Kelela
    Most-worn item of clothing: My rings– I feel naked without them
    Personal hero: FKA Twigs

    Can you tell us the stories behind five of your favorite photos?

    Part of my ongoing obsession to capture light in all its forms, I took this in a place where time seemed to stand still.

    I rang in the New Year with a camera in hand. I was at a historic Victorian house that wasn’t mine in a place I’ve never been with a friend that means the world. The night began with cheap champagne and ended in a photo shoot because she just happened to pack all of her kimonos. My favorite New Year’s Eve to date– hoping I can say the same for this year.

    Last year I went to Joshua Tree for the first time as part of a road trip through California. We spent the morning climbing rocks and chasing the sun. This sums up the magic that lives there.

    This is a playground near my apartment where I go to think. I remember the day well. It was my favorite kind of weather– a cool, humid clarity that slices the air right before it rains. I sat down on the swing and thought about what it was like to be a kid trying to fly. I felt like I was swinging with ghosts.

    This was my first summer in New York. I love this photo because it’s exactly how I remember those three months… hazy moments wrapped in shadow that I tried to keep like promises.

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