• Tumblr Tuesday: Naomi Wong

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    This week, we're taking a look at the work of London-based student Naomi Wong. While only 20 years old, she's already been tapped to shoot for brands like Lazy Oaf, and has been featured in multiple magazines, including TEETH, CAKE Mag, and C-Heads. Here, we chat with the up-and-coming photographer about what she's looking forward to shooting, the subjects she's continually drawn to, and the stories behind five of her favorite photos.

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    My name is Naomi, and I've recently turned 20 which still seems scary to me. I'm currently based in London studying filmmaking at Kingston University and home is a small town in the North of England where I grew up. I'm still a little shy to call myself a photographer so I am a fashion and portrait photo person.

    How did you get started in photography?
    I guess I started when I was 14 and taking really bad photos on disposable cameras. They were like dumb pictures of my feet and stuff like that. It was awful! But I would say I didn't start taking photography seriously until I was 17 and studying it in my second year at school. I learned to use a 35mm SLR camera, a darkroom and fell in love. I've been shooting exclusively on film ever since and I had a tutor who always asked me why my photos were out of focus.

    What subjects are you most drawn to?
    I love people with a sense of character and something special about them like really lovely eyes or a mark on their skin or the way they smile. I also photograph girls a lot, because they're so magical but always so strong as well. I always want them to own their representation in my work so being able to capture them as they are can be really inspiring for me. I would love to shoot boys more but if they're too cute they intimidate me!

    Favorite gear?
    My Pentax K1000 and Olympus Mju ii.

    What feeling do you most try to convey with your photos?
    I think something quite nostalgic and personal even with my fashion portraits. I want people to get a certain feeling from my photos and maybe be reminded of something or someone.

    Does your photography style translate to your fashion at all? What is your personal clothing style like?
    Yeah, I guess in terms of the styling and clothes in my shoots, it does reflect my own style. I like stuff that's quite cool and classic. I work with stylist Alicia Ellis regularly, and we have similar tastes and ideas so whenever we shoot there's always pieces I would wear. As for my personal style it's a mix of Lacoste dresses, turtlenecks and skirt combos, and then sometimes dressing like one of the kids in Stand by Me with a baggy stripey tee.

    Can you tell us a few of your favorite Tumblrs to follow?
    Photographers Vivian Fu and Alexander Burton. My friends Sam and Mabel who post pretty and funny things, as well as 8-bitfiction, theonesweloveproject, timelightbox, moviesincolor and the60sbazaar.

    What's one thing you're looking forward to this year?
    Moving to America for a year and traveling across the country. I can't wait to take pictures over there. It's always been a dream of mine to photograph the American landscape and the interesting characters I might meet along the way. I have already mapped out the places I want to go to and now I'm ready to just hop around with my backpack and camera.

    Favorite food: Sushi
    Favorite drink: Peppermint Tea
    One band you could listen to forever: The Beach Boys
    One place you want to go: I don't have just one place but I really want to explore South America and the whole of Asia. My plans to travel alone across South East Asia backfired this year but I will make it happen one day.
    Favorite song: "Romulus" by Sufjan Stevens. It reminds me of home and staying up all night with my friends and falling asleep in front of the TV.
    Most-worn item of clothing: A vintage red Lacoste sports jacket
    Personal hero: Either Wong Kar-wai or FKA twigs!

    Tell us the stories behind five of your favorite photos:

    My sister Jess is the coolest person I know. She was the one who introduced me to film cameras and cool music to me when I was growing up. I took this when we were on the train together to London, it was a really sunny day and the light was perfect.

    This is one of my favorite shots. We were shooting in a park and without realizing how muddy it was, I told Agata to sit down on the grass. But even with her hands dirty she still managed to keep a smile on her face.

    I took this when I was strolling down the beach in Barcelona and came across two people alone in the ocean. It just looked really wonderful and made me wish I was out there with the person I missed the most.

    This is one of the first photos I ever took and I think one of my favorites. It was taken at a house party I threw while my mum was away. My friends at the time were together and I found them kissing in a corner. I love the colors and how blurry it is. It looks kind of dream-like.

    Another early photo of mine. It was one of the foggiest days I've ever seen and my friend TB was smoking outside school during break. I remember pointing my camera at him and yelling at him to light his cigarette in the cold. He's the best.

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