• Trend: The Canadian Tuxedo

    Now, you might think the only people who can pull off the Canadian Tuxedo are cowboys and...I dunno, Canadians? But we're here to tell you that you, yes YOU, can wear denim on denim without looking like Britney and Justin circa '2001. Pair the right denim washes together and you'll look straight up awesome. Here's a few cool ways to get the look! Hazel

    Glamorous Colorblock Chambray Button-Down Shirt

    BDG Twig High-Rise Jean
    Pair a multi-colored chambray top with a dark denim jean for maximum color-blocking!

    Pins And Needles Striped Chambray Sleeveless Shirt
    Denim on denim in one shirt!

    BDG High-Rise Seamed Jean
    Pair it with a light jean to compliment the faded print denim on the shirt above.

    BDG Classic Chambray Button-Down Shirt

    BDG High-Rise Seamed Jean 
    Get dotty, all over!