• (Photo via NeastStyle)

    Trend: Tevas

    Tevas are making a bit of a stylish comeback. Tevas are a very mysterious shoe, really. Are they hiking shoes? Sandals you wear in the water? What are they and WHY does everyone wear them with socks? We may never know, but not because there isn't an answer, it's just because I'm too lazy to find out. Here's how to wear this trend! Hazel

    Teva X UO Original Universal Sandal
    A little gladiator, a little '80s, a whole lot of "Why am I wearing these?" Because I told you to, and they're cool, now keep reading.

    Jeffrey Campbell Mayview Sandal
    Leave it to Jeffrey Campbell to co-opt Teva style and make these potentially enormous cobalt blue "sandals." You can't fool us, Campbell. We KNOW it's a Teva. Gosh!

    Teva Classic Sport Sandal
    For those who want minimalist elegance with velcro straps, these are for you. Everyone will be like, "Damn girl, your feet sure look c-l-a-s-s-y in those Tevas." Fuck yeah, they do.

    Vagabond Floral Sandal
    Now these are really orthopedic. But, like, fashionably orthopedic. A clean chunky sandal that evokes the very essence of The Teva: true '90s brilliance. Note the velcro strap and mega plastic buckle. Into it.

    Tie-Dye Sock
    You HAVE to wear socks with Tevas. It's, like, written into the American Constitution, or something. To get the full laid-back hippie vibe pair your Teva sandals with a tie-dye sock. Perfect! You look amazing.