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    Trend: St. Patrick's Day

    Aw yeah, time to get crazy! Throw those muthafuckin' hands up! St. Patrick's Day is a special, beautiful time full of bonding with friends, family and Irish Car Bombs. Although some people are 0 fun and don't wear green out for the festivities, you shouldn't let yourself be one of those people, and you better throw on some of these green shirts before you let the partying begin. Holllllla. Now go have fun, you crazy kids. (Is this the douchiest post I've ever written? You're welcome.)—Katie

    Junk Food Budweiser Tee
    Well, it's not green, but it's booze.

    Beer Mug Tee
    Same with this one, but who can say no to a giant beer shirt?

    Bear Pong Tee

    St. Patty's Day Tux Tee
    So much easier to put on than that green tux you rented for the occasion.

    Center Stage A Little Pot Leprechaun Tee
    Actually laughing at this, so... that's where we're at.

    Altru Bean Town Muscle Tee
    OMG thinking about wearing this in Boston in March is making me cold.

    Hometown Heroes I Clover New York Tee
    For the people out there who want to be a little bit subtle with their St. Patrick's Day attire.

    Le Shirt Everyone Loves An Irish Girl Tee

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