• Modern Wall Shelf

    Trend: Put It Away

    In the spirit of getting it together, let's take a look at some things that can help your apartment start looking more like a real human's house instead of the home of disorganized wolverines. Who knows, maybe you'll get inspired.—Katie

    Invisible Double Book Shelf
    This shelf is great because the screws just go straight into the wall and boom, you're done. If you've ever tried to put up an Ikea Lack shelf, then you'll understand why this is so important.

    Over-the-Door Vanity Station

    This is seriously the most ingenious thing ever! Over the door! Shelf space! A mirror! Whoever invented this thing deserves a Nobel Prize.

    Scroll Wall Hook
    This coat hook/shelf combo would be so handy. Just make sure you aren't screwing this sucker into a plaster wall because plaster + five heavy coats + delightful succulents = probable catastrophe.

    Waiting Room Magazine Rack
    A magazine rack is basically like, "Here, let me hold this trash for you until you stop being too lazy to put it in the actual trash can," but at least your old magazines will look classier in this thing than strewn all over the bathroom floor.

    Cubed Curiosity Shelf
    Perfect for displaying your dog-baby hybrid vase (trust me, you want to click that link).