• Trend: Oxblood

    Oxblood! It's the hip "IT" color of the moment. Don't know what oxblood is? The name basically refers to any reddish-brown color, so joke's on the fashion industry (or us consumers) because it's really just a fancy name for burgundy. You know, that color that has been around forever. I was shopping recently and I overheard these two girls trying to tell their mom about oxblood ("Look at this skirt! It's in that new 'oxblood' color!") and never have I ever identified with a mother more because I, too, was like, "Child, that is burgundy." In any case, it's a great color for fall and winter and I'm glad that it's making a resurgence because burgundy—excuse me, oxblood—pants are AWESOME. Here's a few of my favorite oxblood picks for the holiday season!-Katie

    Sparkle & Fade Pleat Front Trouser

    Kimchi Blue Lace Button-Down Tank Top

    Agyness Deyn For Dr. Martens Aggy Creeper

    O'Hanlon Mills Marled Lambswool Crew Sweater

    Standard Cloth 5-Pocket Skinny Corduroy Pant

    Dr. Martens Alfie 8-Eye Canvas Boot