• Photo by Bobby Whigham 

    Trend: Get Buckets

    I was super bummed when I was ten and my camo bucket hat flew off my head while boating, but I'm even sadder now because that hat was way ahead of the game. Fashion dudez know bucket hats have been coming on strong for the past few seasons on the runway, in lookbooks from steezy Japanese brands, and soon, rested comfortably atop your domepiece. It's finally hot most places (sorry if it's snowy where you are) and we've got your easily-sunburnt ears covered with a selection of bucket hats from legendary brands like Stussy, Penfield and L.A. streetwear mainstay Undefeated. Just be careful on boats. Angelo

    Undefeated Bucket Hat
    Perfect for expert level jungle creepin'.

    Stussy Camouflage Bucket Hat
    Very chill safari life.

    Penfield Baker Bucket Hat
    #floralife, like grandma's couch but cool and not smelling like Lucky Strikes.

    Undefeated U-Man Bucket Hat
    It's like the cool bucket hat version of those preppy shorts with embroidered penguins and boats.