• (Reverse Pineapple Print Pinup Dress)

    Trend: Fun Prints

    Spring has SPRUNG! (And you better click that goddamn link and groove to Bambi spring tunes with me.) I don't care how cold it still is, y'all better pack up that basic black winter wardrobe and start incorporating some of these fun prints into your outfits before we all die of boredom and sadness. —Katie

    Lazy Oaf Mr. and Mrs. Bear Babydoll Dress
    It's like 1st grade all over again except instead of wearing that ugly, pastel, ruffled thing your mom squished you into, you're wearing this badass, demento Mickey dress.

    Lazy Oaf Bodycon Bones High-Neck Dress
    Like if Pebbles grew up and went to a rave.

    Smiley Face Muscle Tee
    Really digging all the smiley face things that are around right now (see also: these awesome Doc Martens).

    Me-Wow Mix Tank Top
    I am politely requesting that someone turn this into a romper as well because helloooo my summer uniform.

    Rook Fast Food Crew Sweatshirt
    I'm sorry, I can't type because I have fainted over this breathtaking sweatshirt.

    Urban Renewal Short-Sleeve Sheet Shirt
    It's 1993 up in here! Do you think it'd be possible to also get our hands on an Angry Beavers button-down?

    Ninja Turtle Allover Tank Top
    You're gonna blow all those other nerds out of the water at the next '90s party you're invited to.

    Lazy Oaf Chewing Gum Shirt
    I know it says chewing gum, but I'm getting a "'90s Fred Flinstone" vibe from this and I ain't mad about it.

    Cute To The Core Hamburger Print Canvas Sneaker
    God, everything should have "hamburger print" option.

    Jeffrey Campbell Bam-Wow Leather High-Top Sneaker
    These sneakers are really subtle, I know.