• Cat Face Tee

    Trend: Cat Shirts For Dudes

    Hello, gentlemen! Now, admittedly, I may not know much about men's fashions. Y'all are tricky. I have no idea what dude stuff is cool, but I do know that there's been an influx of cat shirts recently and you guys should be wearing them. I promise you'll look good—it's impossible to not look delightful in a cat shirt. Plus, I'm going to let you in on a little secret: ladies love cat shirts. If you wear a cat shirt to a bar and act like a normal human, we'll probably love you. Okay? So go get those cat shirts!—Katie

    Black Metal Kitty Tee

    Cats and black metal will make you look cool and sensitive, which is the perfect combination of things. But you'll have to resist the urge to fist-pump with other bros over how amazing this shirt is.

    Riot Society Meow You Doin Tee

    That line coming from a cat on a T-shirt? CUTE! That line coming from the dude wearing the T-shirt? NOT CUTE. Let the cat do the talking.

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Kitten Mittons Tee

    A Kitten Mittons T-shirt will most certainly make you look awesome, but unlike Kitten Mittons, this shirt is not one size fits all.

    'Sup Cat Tee
    Why wouldn't you want to wear a shirt with a cute cat in glasses and a cap? WHY?

    Toddland Embroidered Chambray Shirt

    This shirt is on sale right now, and I hope to see it sell out as soon as this post goes live. It is a chambray shirt embroidered with kittens shooting lasers out of their eyes!!! The only thing cooler would be, oh yeah.. NOTHING.