• Trend: America, Fuck Yeah!

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States, it's time for another election! Whether you're voting Democrat or Republican (wait, are you seriously?), or are still facing some Indecision, you're going to want to be dressed in your American best.  This is a once in a every-four-years-of-your-lifetime chance to go completely red, white, and blue for something other than a holiday, so join the country in celebration of this awesomely epic time.  America, fuck yeah! 

    The Colbert Report Napoleon Tee
    Ok first of all, you're going to need this shirt. Duh. What's more American then a popular political TV character riding on the back of a horse, mocking a historical figure, while wrapped in a flag? That's right, absolutely nothing.

    BDG High-Rise Cheeky Shorts
    When I think about being an American, I think of BBQs, Budweisers, and booty shorts.  There's just something about cut-off jeans that screams "I'll totally shotgun a beer, but I want to finish this hotdog first."

    Spiked Crown Headband
    Until there's a woman president, I'm going to stick with my idea that the Statue of Liberty is the most badass chick in the nation.  Why not replicate her look with this miniature-scaled spiked headband?

    Jimi Hendrix, Live At Monterey LP

    The Doors, S/T LP

    Creedence Clearwater Revival, Chronicle 2xLP
    Get into the spirit with some good old fashioned rock 'n' roll records from a few of the greatest musicians to ever come out of the land of the free.

    Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker
    Finally, as Americans, we are ready to rise to any occasion.  These iconic Chucks are perfect for marching on Washington, being born to run, or, you know, getting out there to vote.  (I don't care who you choose, but seriously people, vote!) -Ally

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