• Tips + Tricks: Undone Hair with Allison Logsdon

    Whether you're getting ready for a night out with friends or a big dance, Allison Logsdon walks us through three hairstyles that are cute enough for a special occasion, but just undone enough to give off that "I woke up like this" vibe.
    Photos by Frankie Marin

    Look 1: Half Up, Half Down
    For a look that requires minimal maintenance, Allison did a half up/half down look using a simple hair clip for an accessory. To start, she prepped her hair with ELEVEN Australia's Sea Salt texture spray. Using a texture spray beforehand will help give your hair a more natural/slept-in wave, and will also make it easier for your hair clip to stay in place without having to rely on hairspray.

    Once you have the desired wave to your hair, all you need is a hair clip. (If your hair is thick, we recommend also grabbing a few bobby pins to help keep everything in place.) To get your hair in a half up/half down 'do, pull back a section of hair on either side of your face and twist gently to help keep it separate from the rest of your hair, and to help it stay in place within your clip better. Thread your hair through the clip and secure. If your hair is thick, sticking a few extra bobby pins through the middle will help everything stay in place.

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    The finished look is easy enough to redo throughout the night if needed, but also looks good enough to head to a graduation party or nice dinner!

    Look 2: Waves and Braids
    Another easy way to amp up a casual look is to add in a nice headband as an accessory (especially if it's a gold one - elegant). To prep your hair, use a clipless curling iron to create soft waves across your whole head. If you make sure to keep the roller away from the last inch or so of your hair, this creates a more natural looking wave. Once you're finished, set with a very light hair spray. Then, braid a few pieces of hair at random across your head.

    Once your hair is prepped, simply slip on your headband and go! For touch-ups throughout the night, keep a small bottle of travel hairspray in your purse in case you need to fluff your roots again. Another way to keep hair voluminous and textured is by using WHITELABELSAMPLE's Fat Dust on your roots to keep things from falling flat.

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    Look 3: Pinned Back Chignon
    If pulled-back hair is more your thing, a simple way to switch it up is by grabbing a few ornate hair clips to set it apart from a usual pulled-back look. To prep hair, again spray with a texturing spray and finish off with a root powder. Braid back one or two pieces and secure in a low bun. The messier, the better, so make sure to fluff and pull a few hairs free while doing this. You don't want it to look too stuffy.

    Once your hair is pulled back and secured with a small hair band, use the clips near the base of your ponytail to give an extra pop to your hairdo. Unless your hair is very fine, then these clips should stay in on their own, but if needed, using an extra bobby pin to secure them further will ensure they won't move all night. Voila! Easy, goddess-worthy hair.

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