• Tips + Tricks: The UO Guide to Multi-Masking

    Regular masking is old news. Find out how to use a few of your favorite masks to more accurately target tricky problem areas.
    Illustrations by Victoria Skovran

    Mix + Match Masks 
    Try mixing TONYMOLY Painting Therapy Masks to brighten, moisturize and calm skin wherever you need it most. The best part of these masks? Using your face like a canvas.

    Black: Formulated with bamboo charcoal, this mask buffs away dry skin cells. Use it on your nose to get rid of any unwanted dry patches.

    Pink: Blended with calamine lotion, this mask helps keep redness at bay. Use on cheeks to eradicate any discoloration.

    Sky: Gel-based clay that gives skin a thorough wash of hydration. Best used on areas of the skin that are feeling flaky and dull.

    White: This clay-based mask is blended with rice + pearl extracts for luminosity. Use on areas of the face that could use brightening (undereye, around the nose).

    Yellow: A creamy clay that utilizes sweet almond oil to moisturize. A good mask to use when skin is generally well-behaved.


    Foil FTW 
    The Leaders Labotica Transforming Liquid Foil Mask sloughs off dead skin for a fresh, clear complexion. Add water to the Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Masks for a rubber mask that hydrates.

    Leaders Labotica Transforming Liquid Foil Mask: Sloughs away dead skin cells while preventing inflammation. Use on areas of the skin that are feeling rough and patchy.

    Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Mask Yogurt: Softens, soothes and hydrates dry, flaky skin. Use this on areas of the skin that are feeling dry. (Bonus: These rubber masks are super fun to play with.)

    Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Mask Propolis: Gives skin a dewiness while protecting and hydrating skin.

    Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Mask Peppermint: Perfect for hot days, the peppermint mask hydrates and cools.


    Good Clay 
    Finish by soothing skin with a four pack of mud-based masks from Mint Skin. The Australian-based brand has three different masks to choose from.

    Mud Black: Includes cleansing coconut charcoal, bentonite clay, aloe vera gel and peppermint oil. Use this on areas of the skin that are feeling inflamed and irritated.

    Original Mud: Includes bentonite clay, zeolite clay, and Australian green clay. Use this on areas of the face that are particularly oily, like your T-zone.

    Mud Rosa: Includes rose absolute, organic honey, macadamia oil, aloe vera, and kaolin clay. The rose helps with inflammation and the honey helps with hydration, so use on areas of the face that are feeling dry and red.

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