• Tips + Tricks: String Lights

    String lights, we love you. You're what college kids have been using to decorate their dorm rooms since the dawn of time. Even now, years out of college, we're still absolutely in love with string lights in any season (especially winter), but struggle with fitting them into our homes without having them look too amateur. To solve this problem, so we can still get our string lights groove on, we asked a UO stylist to show us some of their favorite grown-up ways to decorate a home with string lights.

    1. Back in the old days, string lights were big and bulky, and most of the time you could only get them on green cord. Those days are no longer, because we are in the future, and in the future there comes daintier, prettier string lights. We love how string lights look inside clear glass terrariums, and now that battery powered string lights exist, it's even easier to set them up without worrying about cords. For the above picture, we used the Turning Triangles Terrarium with the Galaxy battery-powered string lights (let the battery pack sit outside at the back so it's not visible on the inside or from the front), but any kind of glass vestibule will do. If you'd like to make a little night light that you don't have to worry about changing the batteries on, the regular Galaxy lights work just as well.

    2. One of our favorite ideas that was passed on to us is the above light-wrapped skull. Since the Firefly string lights come on a copper wire, it's super easy to wrap them around anything - including skulls. For this one, we just wrapped two sets of Firefly lights around a (fake) skull and after plugging in, we were good to go. You may need to get a tiny piece of tape to hold the lights in place near the antlers' points, but other than that, this is literally foolproof and will make any space look awesome.

    3. Finally, we still love using string lights in the more obvious places (headboards, bedrooms, etc.) but we also love adding them to less expected places, like the above bar cart. Bar carts are already awesome even without string lights, but with string lights they bring everything up a level. Perfect for any kind of holiday party you have planned.

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