• Tips + Tricks: SPF and Sun Care with D'Ara Nazaryan

    Learn the ins and outs of SPF and how to keep your skin protected all summer long, whether you're heading to the beach or just heading outside.
    Photos by D'ara Nazaryan

    Above: Supergoop! SPF 50 Travel Sunscreen

    Before you hit the beach (or anywhere you'll be exposed to a lot of sun!), make sure to load up on the sunscreen. On a normal day, sunscreen should always be applied, at least to the face (this mist from Supergoop! makes it super easy!), and it's important to use an SPF of at least 30. 

    For body application, it's easiest to use a spray, but if you have ultra-sensitive skin, sometimes it's better to go with a long-lasting lotion so you don't have to stress about reapplying as much. (And if you're using a physical sunblock, they tend to work better, especially if you're spending the day outside.) The simplest way to make sure your body is entirely covered is to lotion up before you get dressed or put on your swimsuit. Once you're fully coated, let the sunscreen set for a few minutes so that it doesn't rub off.

    Above: Supergoop! Defense Refresh SPF 50 and Sun-Defying SPF 50 Sunscreen Oil

    Keep reapplying sunscreen every few hours; even more if you're in and out of a body of water. If you're using a chemical sunscreen, the recommendation is to reapply every two hours. (A chemical sunscreen is one without the white cast.) Make sure to get all the hard-to-remember spots (like the scalp, the tips of your ears, and the tops of your feet), and if you feel some sun getting through, think about upping your SPF number. 

    To keep lips hydrated, reapply a lip balm while out in the sun so they aren't subject to the sun's harsh rays. Something like Milk Makeup's Hero Salve will keep them moisturized but if you have sensitive lips, find a balm with SPF or apply some of your own to your lips.

    Above: Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil

    Once you're home, load up on aftercare, especially if you're someone who spends a lot of time in the sun in the summer. Sometimes even liberal sunscreen application fails us, which is why it's important to keep aloe vera on hand for after-sun care. Herbivore Botanicals' aptly named After Sun Soothing Mist is ideal for refreshing fried skin and Milk Makeup's Sunshine Oil is lightly hydrating. (For an extra blast of freshness, keep your bottle in the fridge.) 

    Since sunscreen can be clogging to pores, make sure to wash your face when you're home and in for the night. To stay hydrated, reapply a moisturizer with SPF in it, like this one from Mario Badescu. If your skin is feeling irritated and you have to go back out into the sun for whatever reason, make sure you keep loading up on sunscreen and use a hat or cover-up to stay safe!

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