• Tips + Tricks: Milk Makeup Spray Nail

    To say nail art has evolved over the past few years may be the biggest understatement in the beauty world. From tiny painted mani-masterpieces, to glass nails, to nail charms, say hello to your nail arsenals new best friend: Milk Makeup Spray Nail. Yep, you read that correctly—spray (because traditional painting is just so passé). Not only does this innovative technology open new doors for nail artistry, but the color payoff and wearability is unmatched. And let’s be real, it’s just cool—something Milk Makeup knows how to do all too well. So let’s pretend we’re in the 1983 cult-classic film Style Wars and bomb, tag, and throw up (these are all graffiti terms, FYI) our digits with these three easy-to-DIY nail art looks from Milk Makeup.
    Words by Jade Taylor

    Silver Tips

    1. Start by first grabbing your white basecoat, which is essential to use for two basic reasons: 1. It’ll make your polish last significantly longer and 2. Because it’s white, it’ll allow the color you’re going to place over it really pop.

    2. Place your Milk Makeup nail stencil towards the tip of your nail. The look you’re going for is a “revamped French manicure that isn’t totally lame.” Think: Mean Girls meets Mars Attacks.

    3. Shake your can of Spray Nail in Dubs (a sterling silver) for 30 seconds, and then unleash your inner graffiti goddess and spray over the top end of your nail.

    4. Apply a layer of sparkly topcoat for extra bling, and then wash off excess polish from your skin with some soap and warm water.

    Graphic Bronze

    1. Once again, start with your white basecoat.

    2. Take the nail stencils and choose some of your favorite designs—we personally love the thin stripes and odd shapes. Feel free to put different designs on each nail—basically, “do you.”

    3. Shake up your can of Spray Nail in Burner (a fiery bronze) and, while holding the stencil on your nail, mist over the top of it.

    4. Don’t forget to lock in your topcoat! And, like we discussed, wipe away the leftover polish from skin with soap and warm water.

    Iridescent Fade

    1. This time, start with a black basecoat.

    2. Get your Milk Makeup nail stencil out and wrap around the entirety of your finger to achieve an ombre look.

    3. Shake your can of Spray Nail in Throwie (an iridescent pearl) and spritz on top of the stencil.

    4. Seal your digits with a topcoat and then erase the excess polish from skin with soap and warm water.

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