• Tips + Tricks: Metallic Highlights

    Goals: Streamlining our makeup routine so we can get ready to go out in the least amount of time. High on our list of holy-grail beauty secrets is keeping products in our wheelhouse that serve multiple purposes, able to be whipped out of our bag in a moment’s notice. Discover the overtime-working metallic palette we’re loving right now for getting both a perfectly smudgy eye and an overall dewy summer glow…in two minutes flat. Get the look with our step-by-step tutorial here.

    The star of the show is our exclusive UO Baked Palette, a set of shimmery colors in natural shades, each of which is multipurpose and can be worn in a ton of different ways. The shadows can be applied with a brush, but our favorite method is just to smudge it on with our fingers. It's on-the-go beauty, our way. 

    First up: eyes. Adding a touch of the lightest champagne shade to the inner corners of your eyes adds a pop of brightness to your overall look which is our secret weapon for looking more awake after a late night. Just try it and thank us later. 

    While each of the shades can be worn individually, they wear beautifully when layered. Start with one of the light shades and gradually build up: smudgy-smoky eye perfection. 

    Another way we use the palette is for highlighting — applying lighter, shimmery shades that highlight your features and make your whole face have a natural, summery glow. To highlight, use one of the lighter shades. (If you're fair, start with the champagne tone. Work your way up to the darker shades depending on what best suits your skin and coloring.)

    Start in the middle of your eyelid, just under your brow, and gently smudge the color outward from your eye toward your temple. 

    Next, continue the highlight from temple to cheekbone — in the end, it should roughly be an arrow shape framing each eye. 

    For an ultra-glowy finish, add a dab to your "cupid's bow," or the curve between your nose and top lip. 

    You can also use the different shades in the palette as a bronzy blush — again, just use your fingers to apply and experiment with what shade, or combination of shades, best suits your skin. There are no rules! Make your routine your own: that's the fun part.

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