• Tips + Tricks: Messy Hair

    The easiest hairstyle? A messy one. With the French laissez-faire attitude in mind, we've learned that doing our hair doesn't have to take longer than a few minutes, and it has set us free. To help you out on your own hair journey, we rounded up some of our favorite products to get a perfectly tousled 'do.

    First of all, we've found that the messy hair looks best when hair is actually dirty. Not disgustingly dirty, mind you, but going a few days without washing it is totally a-ok in our book. (But if you just ran a marathon, please... wash your hair.) Breaking yourself of the habit of washing your hair daily can be hard, but once you start doing it for a week or two, it starts to become incredibly easy to just skip it. This is why dry shampoo will forever be our best friend. Slightly dirty hair + dry shampoo ends up looking like the above picture. It's perfect! To add some more curl to your hair, we recommend using a clip-free curling iron. If your hair is naturally a little bit curly or wavy, we've found that it's not even necessary to curl your whole head if you don't want. Sometimes just defining a few pieces adds to the messy hair effect. And make sure not to curl down to the tip of your hair - leave the last inch or so off the barrel. It helps the wave look more natural.

    When going for the messy hair look, getting the perfect texture is key. It's important to make sure hair is properly moisturized but not overly greasy. That's why hair oil is our savior, particularly this one by Herbivore Botanicals. It's easy to throw into hair when it's wet, and ensures that hair dries soft and luxurious.

    We also totally don't recommend blow-drying hair when going for the messy look (it just never ends up looking disheveled enough), but if you must, then this cream from Purely Perfect is a great volumizer. It works just as well if you're air-drying, which makes it a great all-purpose hair cream, especially for getting that texturized, piece-y look.

    Some other tips and products we love:

    -This all-natural salt spray from Herbivore is amazing, trust us.
    -Will we ever stop recommending dry shampoo? Nope.
    -Hair perfume!!!

    You'll be strutting around town as flawlessly as a French girl before you know it.

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